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  • Can Solar Be Used for New HVAC Systems

    With consumer concern over the volatile and high price of electricity, alternative forms of energy are receiving renewed interest.  Many homeowners are asking, “Can solar be used for new HVAC systems?”  The answer from the HVAC industry is a resounding yes!  HVAC and solar technology continues to evolve.  In this article we will look at […]

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  • Common Upcharges from HVAC Contractor

    In this guide, we discuss common upcharges from HVAC contractor services.  An upcharge is a fee for services that are not part of the original agreement.  They can be construed as “hidden fees” unless the contractor tells you upfront that they are possible.  For example, let’s say you decide to take advantage of an HVAC […]

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  • How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

    You may be wondering how to choose an HVAC contractor if you need repair services or are planning to have a system installed or replaced.  In this guide, we provide 5 tips for how to choose an HVAC contractor you can depend on to do a good job. Tip #1: Get Firsthand Recommendations Ask neighbors, […]

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