• York Latitude Series Model TCGF 14.5 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price

    York central air conditioners like the Latitude TCGF offer very good efficiency and a track record of outstanding durability.  They are a good choice where dependability is essential.  Will in Nashville, TN recently had one of these installed and shares his York Latitude Series Model TCGF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner price.  As part of our HVAC prices series we pass it along to you.  Here’s what Will had to say.

    “The first real warm weather last spring I turned on the air conditioner and got nothing from it but some awful squeaking.  I called out the repair specialist and he said the compressor would need to be replaced on the 12 year old air conditioner.  When he gave me the estimate I decided to look at replacing the unit instead.  He was a Trane dealer and I ended up getting central air conditioner prices quotes from Carrier, York and Lennox as well.  The York dealer was the most helpful in answering questions about the compatibility of an older gas furnace with the new condensing unit.  Since the prices only differed by about $300, with the York being the second highest, I decided to go with York on the strength of the dealer.

    The contractor did suggest replacing the refrigerant lines and I agreed.  He also did a load calculation and suggested a 4 ton unit rather than the 3.5 ton unit I’d had.  That made sense too, since there were times the old unit seemed to be working overtime to keep the place cool, and on very hot days it couldn’t quite keep up.  So the contractor and a helper installed the York Latitude Series Model TCGF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner a few days after I met with him and the unit worked like a champ last summer.  It reduced my electric bills by about 14% which I estimate to translate into a 30% reduction in cooling costs.    Here is the price I paid:

    4 ton York Latitude Series TCGF air conditioner, $1,999.

    Installation, $1,575; Total: $3,574.

    I’m very pleased with the York A/C and the contractor really knew his stuff.”

    It’s always good to hear that a reader has considered the contractor as much as they’ve considered the equipment to be installed because both are vital pieces of the puzzle.  Quality installation counts!  Here are the features you’ll enjoy with a York Latitude Series Model TCGF central air conditioner:

    • UP to 14.5 SEER.
    • Raised fan coil guard for more efficient airflow that will produce more efficient heat transfer.
    • Larger coil offers more efficient operation.
    • Heavy gauge cabinet protects internal components and is powder coated for long life and appearance.
    • Permanently lubricated fan motor never requires maintenance.
    • Models available up to 5.0 cooling capacity.
    • 10-year warranties on the compressor and all parts.  An extended warranty is offered too.

    Keep your System Running Better for Longer

    The key to quality performance from your York central air conditioner is to have the unit installed by a qualified contractor with excellent skills.  This will ensure that the unit is running properly and giving you the level of efficiency it should.  Improper installation can drastically reduce the efficiency level or an air conditioner as well as making it more susceptible to mechanical failure, both of which are costly.  Get those lower energy bills you want with professional installation and your system will pay for itself over the course of its life.

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