• Trane XV80 Oil Furnace Price

    Did you know that oil furnaces are still a very good option today for some homeowners?  Heating oil is relatively inexpensive and today’s oil furnaces are clean and efficient.  Many of those who choose an oil furnace today are replacing an oil furnace and they’ve got the oil tank in place, plus they enjoy the unique warmth that oil offers.  Here’s a letter from Joe in Killeen, Texas who shares his Trane XV80 oil furnace price with us as part of our series offering a variety of HVAC prices to our readers.

    “Here in Texas heating oil is pretty cheap.  I’ve always had an oil furnace and didn’t see any reason to change. Where we live there’s no natural gas line and so that’s not an option.  It was propane or oil.  We don’t run the furnace much and so an 80% efficient furnace is sufficient for our needs. I got oil furnace prices from Carrier and American Standard but in the end went with Trane since we had such good luck with our previous Trane – 18 years of dependable service.

    According to the sales brochure, here’s what you get with the Trane XV80 oil furnace:

    • Up to 85% AFUE for good fuel economy.
    • Variable speed fan motor for quiet, efficient and balanced heating.
    • Durable construction with each component undergoing strenuous testing.
    • Heavy gauge steel heat exchanger.
    • Combustion box made from ceramic fiber for faster, more reliable heating.
    • High-tech flame retention burner for clean ignition and burning.
    • Comfort-R dehumidification system.
    • Galvanized steel cabinet that has been powder-coated for durability and appearance.
    • Multiple position options make it easy to choose the right one for each installation.
    • All models feature 87,000 Btu heating capacity.
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year warranty on internal functional parts. Extended warranties that cover labor for up to 10 years are also offered.

    Here is what we paid for our furnace:

    Trane XV80 87,000 Btu lowboy rear flue oil furnace: $2,087; Installation, $1,875;

    Total: $3,962

    The team of 2 was here for about 4 hours installing the furnace.  They did a fantastic job giving me the basics of the furnace and using the programmable thermostat.  The furnace has worked well but it’s too early to tell how much less oil we’re using since we buy it 400 gallons at a time.  It’s also been a really cold winter for our area so that’s going to affect how much we use.  All in all, I’m happy with the new furnace though with winters like this I wish they made a higher efficiency oil furnace.”

    Thanks for the letter Joe.  Oil furnaces aren’t for everyone but in the right circumstances they are a good choice, as Joe makes clear.  Whether you have an oil or gas furnace installed, it’s always a good idea to hire a qualified contractor to install it.  They’ve got the specialized skills as well as the tools to do the job correctly.  They’ll make the proper adjustments to air and gas/oil flow to maximize the efficiency of the unit given the specifics of the installation.  Your warranty will be validated and you’ll have the peace of mind that your furnace is providing safe and efficient heating for your home.

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