• Trane XR15 Heat Pump Price

    While heat pump installation is still more common in warm to moderate climates, they are becoming more common in cooler climates because of their high efficiency.  Brad in Lexington, Kentucky sends along a Trane XR15 heat pump price to add to our HVAC prices collection that will help you get a ballpark figure for makes and models you may be considering.  His Brad’s information.

    “We get hot summers here and moderate winters – at least more moderate than the ones I grew up with in Ontario.  I wanted a system that would deliver good efficiency without breaking the budget in terms of initial costs.  I’d like to save money on utility bills too, but this house may not be long-term.  Middle of the road, I guess is what I wanted.  I got 4 different heat pump prices bids and the system that made the most sense to me was the Trane XR15 Heat Pump with matching air handler.  It’s high points are:

    • Cooling: 16.5 SEER; Heating 9.0 HSPF.  This Energy Star unit is eligible for the federal tax credit for energy efficiency.
    • Climatuff compressor offers outstanding efficiency, durability and quiet operation. Includes sound reduction insulator.
    • Galvanized steel cabinet with steel louvers protect internal components.
    • Trane CleanEffects air purifier is compatible for those who want the purest air possible.
    • Duratuff non-corroding base pan.
    • Units from 1.5 to 5 ton and from 18K Btu to 60K Btu.
    • Limited warranty covers the compressor, air handler, coil and all other parts for 10 years, with 1 year on labor.  Extended warranty is available that covers labor up to 10 years.

    The bid I accepted was for a total of $7,959 and it broke down like this:

    Trane XR15 3 ton, 36,000 Btu heat pump with matching air handler and components, $5,459.

    Installation, $2,500.

    The install took 1 long day for 2 guys with a third in and out.  The next day I had a chance to inspect it and saw daylight coming through the vent opening they had made.  I caulked it up myself.  Other than that, they could have cleaned up a little better (PVC pipes scrap, 2 soda bottles) but maybe that’s too picky.   The system has worked very well in hot and cool weather so I’ll leave it at that.”

    Thanks for the HVAC prices Brad.  That’s a quality unit that should serve your needs whether you stay long-term or short-term in that home.  Even if you had to do a few chores when they were done, hiring a qualified contractor is the best way to assure yourself you’re getting peak performance from your system.  They are trained to tweak pressure adjustments and other settings to optimize efficiency.

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