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  1. jan says:

    wow 9850 for a xl20? I had a xr15 put into my guesthouse and was shocked at the 4400 cost. I cant imagine 9000+

    I LOVE the xr15!

  2. Lisa Gentz says:

    Unfortunately, you were not given the proper air handler that is recommended for the XL20i and you probably are NOT getting the 18.0 to 18.50 seer that you could have with the right air handler. Neither Trane nor ARHI show a rating for the 4TWZ036 XL20I and a 4TEE3F37 air handler. A 4TEE3C03 communicating or a 4TEE3F39 (39,000 btuh) should have been paired with the 3 ton 20i. I wish you well with this system and you will probably be very happy with it for years to come but you did give up efficiency.

  3. admin says:

    That is very insightful. Hopefully, the difference will not amount to much in utilities bill.

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