• Trane XB90 Furnace Price

    trane xb90 furnaceWe knew we wanted a Trane and after talking to several of our neighbors, the Trane XB90 furnace was the unit we saw and heard quite a bit about! It didn’t take too long for us to get the names of a few contractors off of our neighbors hvac systems and start reading about these gas furnaces.

    Like almost everyone else who starts their search online, we found it very hard to find hvac equipment prices, and specifically gas furnace prices, online. Well, until we landed on the newhvac site. We decided we would submit our estimates, and share our own choices and reasons we chose a Trane new gas furnace!

    Why We Chose the Trane XB90 Furnace

    We live in a rather warm area of the Country, in NC, so we really didn’t think we would benefit from adding a super-high efficiency gas furnace to our home. We looked at the HVACOpCost website and after seeing that we would only save about $10 per month, we simply couldn’t justify the additional cost  (It was more than $1000 more for a 95% variable speed furnace) and decided the trane XB90 furnace was the right match for us.

    We brought up the fact that we had to replace our furnace at a block party earlier this summer and several told us they replaced their old York model furnaces, with the Trane XB90 furnace. It was almost like a game of monkey-see monkey do, as each of them rattled off which furnace they had! :-/

    Trane XB90 Furnace Price

    Our home has 1740 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths a large kitchen, dining room and a huge great room (family room). The hvac contractors we called for quotes were recommended by neighbors, so we had confidence that they were good contractors. In total, we only had 2 estimates for the trane xb90 furnace, and we were very satisfied with our choices.

    We chose:

    • Trane XB90 TUC080, 80,000 btu furnace
    • Upflow installation in a utility closet
    • New drain pan installation
    • New PVC vent system installed
    • New Condensate pump and pan float switch
    • New sheet metal ducting installed
    • All Related Parts, Labor and Permits
    • System took 2 technicians 1 full day to install, with a followup visit from the salesman the next day.

    Trane XB90 Price: $2260.00

    We feel we got a very fair price and the unit has worked flawlessly with our home cooling system thus far! No need for heat yet though.

    Learn More about the Trane XB90

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  1. Brian Hepworth says:

    I wanted to know what size furnace / btu would I need for a 1700sq home?

  2. admin says:

    Need to know a little bit more information
    1) what is the structure of your house (1 story – 2story)?
    2) Where are you located (northern states – midamerica)?
    3) Where is your furnace located? Basement or 1st floor
    4) How old is the house

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