• Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i Central Air Conditioner Price

    Trane makes a variety of central air conditioners to cover the bases from super-high efficiency to outstanding affordability.  The Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner is one of the former, as the name implies.  With a 20 SEER rating it is their most efficient model.  For those in very warm climates, the extra cost of the equipment may be made up in only a few years since it can save on cooling costs by as much as 50% or more.  Cecil in Glendale, AZ passes along the Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner price he recently paid along with helpful details.  We’ll keep it as part of our HVAC prices database and we’re glad to share it with you so you can compare models you’re considering.  Here is Cecil’s note:

    “Thanks for all the great info you share on the website.  I found the Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i A/C while researching heat pumps.  I decided to go with the traditional A/C and furnace set up instead, but was impressed with what I read about the XL20i.  I did talk with 2 other contractors to be able to compare air conditioner prices, and while the Trane was more expensive than the Goodman we looked at and slightly more than the Carrier, we decided to go with it because of its performance record and features.  I think we’ll get a better bang for our buck with it.

    Our old system was only 9 or 10 years old but was a 10 SEER, and with energy costs what they are, I hated to run that thing.  From April through October I felt like I was wasting money every day.  I figure this unit will pay for itself in another 10 years so making the switch was a no-brainer.  Plus, while we aren’t the most environmentally conscious folks around, lowering our impact on the environment with safe refrigerant and also producing fewer greenhouse gases is a nice bonus.  That was our rationale.  Here were our costs for the A/C and installation.  The matching gas furnace was $2,199:

    Trane XL20i 3 ton air conditioner, $2,179; Installation, $2,550; Total: $4,729

    The crew was very professional and polite.  One of them did, however, manage to damage the refrigerant line during the installation – a fact which wasn’t discovered until they were done and were testing the unit.  Someone from the shop ran a new one out to them and they replaced it.  Less than an hour later the system was running fine.  The real test will be when the weather warms up and we start using it every day.  But I anticipate it will perform as we expect it to and start saving us money on our cooling bill from the first month on.  According to the Trane site, here is what the Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i central air conditioner offers:

    • Up to 20.0 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.
    • Energy Star.
    • 2 ClimaTuff compressors: 1 runs for maintaining indoor temperature; the second also runs on very hot days.
    • Spine Fin Coil more effectively removes heat.
    • Comfort-R humidity control with managed cycles.
    • ComfortLink II connects the A/C and air handler/fan for optimal performance and indoor comfort.
    • Multi-speed fan motor for quiet efficiency.
    • Wired for Trane CleanEffects air purifying system to be added (which we’re considering).
    • WeatherGuard top and fasteners protect components and are resistant to damage from sun and weather.
    • R-410A refrigerant.
    • Sizes: 2, 3, 4 and 5 ton cooling capacity.
    • 12-year warranty on the compressor. 10-year warranty on the outdoor coil and other functioning parts.

    We’re looking forward to saving money with our new Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i.”

    No doubt you will save on energy costs, Cecil.  We’d enjoy hearing just how much you save.

    Maximize Savings with Quality Installation

    Getting the maximum energy cost savings requires more than just buying a high-efficiency unit.  It is also important to have it professionally installed, adjusted and tested to ensure maximum performance.  Improper installation can cause any A/C unit to underachieve.  Hire a qualified contractor to do the work, one with a solid reputation for excellence, and you’ll have the greatest chance of enjoying the SEER and the longevity your unit is designed to deliver.

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