• Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace price

    When we get HVAC prices from readers on units like the Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace we pass them along to you for price comparisons and a ballpark idea of what costs you may encounter.  This furnace is one of Trane’s most efficient models and one of their best overall gas furnaces in terms of performance features.  This letter from Shane in Belleville, New Jersey shares his Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace price and details of the installation.

    “Despite energy prices leveling off this winter I remain skeptical and expect them to continue to rise in the future.  That’s why this year’s tax return went into a new furnace, the Trane Two-Stage XV95 with 96.7% efficiency.  I figure the extra money spent on the higher efficiency model will be a good investment over the next 15 years.  Here’s what the sales info on this furnace lists:

    • Up to 96.7% Annualized Fuel Use Efficiency.
    • Energy Star rated and qualifies for the extended federal energy efficiency tax credit.
    • 2-stage heat optimizes comfort while reducing wasted fuel.
    • Multi-port burners heat more quickly and dependably.
    • Variable speed motor is quiet, efficient and promotes balanced heating throughout the house.
    • Silicon Nitride igniter is adaptive, reliable and durable.
    • Primary heat exchanger made from aluminized steel for greater durability and performance.
    • Secondary heat exchanger made from high-efficiency stainless steel.
    • Heavy galvanized steel cabinet uses powder coating for added longevity and appearance.
    • Comfort-R fan mode increases dehumidification when cooling.
    • Permanent air filter is easy to wash.
    • Equipped to add dehumidifier or electronic air cleaner.
    • 4 sizes approximately 58K Btu, 76K Btu, 95K Btu and 115K Btu.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchangers; limited 10-year warranty on internal functional parts.
    • Extended warranty that covers labor is also available.

    Once we settled on Trane, we got gas furnace prices from 2 Trane dealers and chose the one with the best reputation in the area.  They cost about $160 more but I wanted to do what I could to insure the best installation and performance for the high efficiency furnace.  I wanted to get what I paid for, in other words.  The bid we chose was:

    Trane XV95 76,000 Btu / 3 ton gas furnace, $2,419; Installation, $2,100, Total: $4,519

    The installation took 2 men most of a single day.  At the end of the day another technician came and checked things over, made a few adjustments and started the unit.  All went well and I’m pleased to say it has performed as expected in the 2 weeks we’ve had it. The unit is very quiet and the house is always comfortable. I expect the extra cost of an XV95 95 over an XV80 to be made up in about 3 years with the amount of heating we do.”

    Have it Installed by a Pro

    Shane did the math on heating efficiencies and cost and came to the conclusion that in his case, going with the more efficient furnace made the most sense.  In cold-weather climates this is often the right call.  He also made the right call by having the Trane XV95 installed by a qualified contractor with a good reputation in the area.  This helps ensure that the furnace is installed correctly so that it will achieve peak performance, cutting fuel costs, and also operate safely for your family.

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