• Trane Two-Stage XV90i Gas Furnace Price

    Homeowners concerned about lowering their heating bills without sacrificing heating comfort have made the Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace one of the most popular in the Trane lineup.  Performance and fuel efficiency meet value, and you win both ways.  Leith from Eden Prairie, Minnesota offers us his Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas price to add to our growing list of HVAC prices that allow you to compare and contrast models and prices.  Here’s Leith’s letter.

    “I’m sitting here enjoying the warmth of our new Trane Two-Stage XV90i furnace.  It’s so quiet I don’t know its running. The old furnace needed the thermocouple replaced last month and this month the wiring on the blower motor fried.  Last week when the blower motor itself started making noise like a squealing pig I figured that’s enough.  The repair bills were adding up and that doesn’t make sense for a 17 y.o. furnace.  She gave us her best through some pretty tough winters but she’d seen enough.

    I called out Trane, Carrier and Rheem guys to give me gas furnace prices.  Our goal was to significantly cut fuel bills by increasing efficiency from the 77% we were getting to at least 90%.  I’ve done enough research on this site to know what to expect price-wise and I had a figure in mind I was willing to spend.  The Carrier guy seemed stuck on an Infinity – which sounds awesome – but he couldn’t make the numbers work in terms of cost.  He chuckled at my offer.  The Rheem salesman couldn’t get the efficiency/cost factor together either.  The Trane sales rep was the most informative and helpful.  He worked with me to find the right furnace at the right price, and I was sold.

    We had the Trane Two-Stage XV90i installed 2 days ago and it’s awesome.  It’s very quiet and the temperature is consistent everywhere in the house, something we didn’t always get with the old furnace.  Plus, the multi-speed blower eliminates blasts of cold air we used to get when the fan would kick on high before the air in the furnace was hot – we called it the indoor wind-chill.  We should have pulled the plug on the old furnace years ago.  Here’re the damages for the new Trane:

    Trane Two-Stage XV90i 93,000 Btu / 4 ton gas furnace, $1,870

    Installation: $2,350

    Total: $4,220

    It has a solid list of features:

    • 93% AFUE / Energy Star rated.
    • 2-Stage heating means it only runs on high when a significant boost is called for.
    • 60,000 Btu low-stage; 93,000 high-stage heating.
    • Requires a 2-stage thermostat to achieve 2-stage efficiency.
    • Variable speed blower responds to climate conditions to deliver consistent, balanced heating.
    • All components go through rigorous testing to create a durable, dependable furnace.
    • Wired to accept Trane CleanEffect air purification system.
    • Comfort-R mode enhances humidity control
    • Galvanized steel, power-coated cabinet is well-insulated to retain heat and reduce noise.
    • Aluminized 1-piece primary heat exchanger.
    • Secondary stainless steel heat exchanger.
    • Silicon nitride igniter.
    • 24-volt fuse to protect internal electronics.
    • Models available with maximum output of 56K, 73K, 93K, and 112K Btu’s.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year warranty on other parts.  Extended warranty is an option.

    Protect your Investment with Professional Installation

    Leith has installed a fantastic furnace he’ll get great performance from.  The key is found not just in the quality of the equipment, but in the quality of the installation.  A qualified contractor is your best bet for getting a system installed properly so that it reaches peak performance and delivers safer operation – without gas or carbon monoxide leaks.  Choose a pro and get the energy savings and comfort you expect from a quality furnace like the Trane Two-Stage XV90i.

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