• Trane Two-Stage XV80i Gas Furnace Price

    For some homeowners, reliable and comfortable heating is the most important feature in a gas furnace, even more than efficiency.  This is often the case in warmer climates where heating days are fewer.  This letter from Eleanor in Homestead, Florida makes that clear.  She offers the Trane Two-Stage XV80i gas furnace price she paid last fall and tells us how the unit is performing so far.  We appreciate the HVAC prices readers pass along for others to benefit from.

    “At the end of last of last winter it was clear my 20 year old furnace had seen enough action so I started gathering gas furnace prices for a new one.  I was surprised at the difference in cost between some 80% units and 90% or higher efficiency units.  It would take 7 or 8 years to make up the difference down here where we don’t use the furnace that much so I chose the Trane XV80i furnace.  The reviews I read said this was a very reliable furnace, and I want to know that when I need it, the darn thing’s going to come on and do its job right.  I could have got a cheaper brand but I’d be worried it wouldn’t be as dependable.  It doesn’t get cold much but when it does I want to get warm and stay warm.

    I had my son come over when the companies came to give prices because I didn’t want any of them trying to take advantage of an old lady.  They were all very polite and professional and the prices were all about the same.  My son knew one of the fellows from doing business with him, so that’s the one we chose.

    This is from the quote:

    1- Trane Two-Stage XV80i gas furnace, Model TUD2B060AFV32A.  48,000 Btuh capacity.  Price: $1,355

    Installation including removal and disposal of existing furnace: $2,200

    Total: $3,555

    It has been a very chilly winter here and the new furnace comes on and heats the house every time I need it.  My gas bill is down by $10-$15 a month and that helps too.”

    Furnace Details

    That’s a very nice furnace that Eleanor had installed.  It will certainly prove reliable as well as cost efficient.  Here are some of the furnace details:

    • Up to 80% AFUE will save fuel over older models they replace.
    • 2-stage heating is more comfortable and efficient than single-stage heating.
    • Variable speed motor starts slow and increases as air warms in the system.
    • Solid construction in the insulated cabinet adds durability, reduces heat loss and noise.
    • Equipped with Trane CleanEffects for better air purification.
    • Aluminized steel heat exchanger is made from one piece of material for greater durability.
    • Silicon nitride hot surface igniter.
    • 24-volt fuse in place to safeguard the electronic control board.
    • Comfort-R mode enhances dehumidification when cooling.
    • Sizes include: 48K, 64K, 80K and 97K Btu models.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year coverage on functional parts.
    • Extended warranty options are offered at additional cost.

    Get the Most from your Trane XV80i with Professional Installation

    Even an 80% efficient furnace requires proper installation in order to maximize the efficiency of the unit.  In fact, since 80% models are vented through the roof because of the heat of the exhaust gases, their installation can be trickier in many situations.  Having a qualified contractor install the unit is the best way to have the confidence the unit is running at top efficiency and doesn’t present a risk of gas or carbon monoxide leaks.  Enjoy greater savings and peace of mind with professional installation.

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