• Trane Two-Stage XL90 Gas Furnace Price

    One of the benefits that many consumers are seeking today is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that high-efficiency gas furnaces offer.  The Trane Two-Stage XL90 furnace offers 92% AFUE which will dramatically reduce emissions over many furnaces it may replace.  In addition, its energy-miser ways mean lower fuel costs. This mid-level furnace from Trane is very affordable and offers excellent performance so it is easy to see why it’s a best seller.  This Trane Two-Stage XL90 gas furnace price comes from Sylvia in Everett, Washington.  We are happy to pass along HVAC prices like this to give readers an idea of general prices.

    “Hi to the other readers of this great site.  We’ve been looking for a way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we cause from our housing and transportation, and to do it within a budget that certainly isn’t unlimited.  Too many of the really high-efficiency furnaces are more ‘bleeding edge’ than ‘leading edge’ in terms of cost.  We priced a bunch of them and settled on the Trane Two-Stage XL90.  Here’s what we were attracted to:

    • 92% fuel efficiency for reduced carbon emissions and fuel consumption.
    • 2-stage burner which is efficient, quiet and comfortable.
    • 4-speed blower motor.
    • Electronic controls with self-diagnostics and fault codes.
    • Sealed combustion uses only outside air.
    • One-piece heat exchanger.
    • Washable filter enhances air purification.
    • Insulated cabinet is sturdy and quiet.
    • Upflow/horizontal and downflow/horizontal models sized at approx: 56K, 73K, 93K, and 112K Btu’s.
    • Heat exchanger lifetime limited warranty. 10-year warranty on parts.

    The bid we got from Trane was:

    Trane Two-Stage XL90 56,000 Btu furnace — $1,399; Installation: $2,400; Total: $3,799

    We’ve heated with this furnace for almost 4 months now and our heating bills are down by almost 20% which means we’re creating 20% fewer damaging emissions.  We’re pretty happy about that, and the house has been very comfortable.”

    Maximize your Emissions Reduction with Quality Insulation

    Unfortunately, many furnaces that should be 90% efficient or more are not achieving anywhere close to that number because of improper installation.  Studies show that many of them are functioning at 70% to 80%, wasting resources and money, and working harder to heat homes – producing more emissions.  Find an experienced and qualified contractor when you are looking for gas furnace prices.  It’s the best way to ensure that you are getting what you expect when you make this kind of investment in your home – and in the environment!

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