• Trane Single-Stage XT90 Gas Furnace price

    The Trane XT90 offers a very good balance between lower initial price and energy cost savings going forward.  It is a mid-level furnace with a solid track record of reliability as well.  We received a gas furnace prices post from Aaron in Monett, Missouri recently that we thought would be of help as you gather HVAC prices to compare.  Here’s his letter sharing the Trane Single-Stage XT90 gas furnace price.

    “Thanks for the informative site.  It was helpful late last summer when I bought the furnace for the new home we were building.  After looking at Trane, Lennox and Goodman furnaces I chose the Trane XT90.  One of the other dealers was pushing an 80% efficiency furnace pretty hard, outlining all the savings I was going to realize in up front costs with his model.  He tried to convince me that in this milder climate a 90% furnace would be a waste of money.  I went with the 90% and am sooo glad I did.  This has been a brutally cold winter for here and that furnace has been cranking away night and day. I figured I’ve saved about $135 in fuel costs already with a couple more heating months to go.  I’ll make up the difference I paid in 3-4 years with normal winters, sooner if they keep up like this.  Here’s the total I paid.

    Trane Single-Stage XT90 80,000 Btu furnace: $1,359

    Installation in new construction home: $1,800

    Total cost before tax and manufacturer’s $150 rebate: $3,159

    The specs on this new furnace include

    • Up to 92% efficient when installed with compatible components.
    • Efficient single-stage heating.
    • Quiet fan motor provides consistent and balanced air flow.
    • Durable construction of the cabinet includes insulation for reduced noise and heat loss.
    • 4 sizes include both upflow/horizontal and downflow/horizontal models.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on internal functional parts can be boosted to 10 years if the furnace is installed as part of a total Trane HVAC system.
    • Extended warranties are available for this furnace.

    Again, I’m very glad I opted to spend more now on the more efficient model and save 3-4 times more over the life of this furnace.”

    Protect Your Investment with Proper Installation

    Aaron made a sound decision given his circumstances.  Each situation is unique so take into account variables such as climate, current budget, how long you plan to stay in the home, and what performance features such as a variable speed blower that you are willing to pay extra for.  When you’ve made your decision, turn the job over to a qualified contractor to protect your investment in the equipment.  In most cases, warranties will only be honored when the unit has been professionally installed.  Plus, the pros have the skill, tools and experience to do the job correctly so that your furnace delivers the performance you expect.

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