• Trane Single-Stage XT80 Gas Furnace Price

    Trane makes gas furnace for all budgets, and for those on a tight budget or who just want to spend less but still get a quality furnace, the Trane Single-Stage XT80 is ideal.  The 80% efficiency is respectable and it is made with excellent components for good performance and durability.  To help you compare HVAC prices and plan for your next system we pass along reader price posts whenever we get them. Here’s one from Van in Atlanta, Georgia who shares the Trane Single-Stage XT80 gas furnace price he paid last autumn.

    “We just completed a total renovation of a very old home, estimated to have been built during the reconstruction of the 1870’s.  Over the years it had been patched up but never overhauled.  There were 4 different wall materials in it from different eras.  We took it down to the studs, ripped out flooring, everything.  I’ll spare you all the details but will tell you we decided to move the furnace from the cramped crawlspace under the house to the attic. Since we were redoing much of the duct work, that wasn’t a hassle.

    We found the Trane Single-Stage XT80 furnace after a lot of research.  We won’t heat much so an 80% efficient furnace is sufficient, and we spend our summers with our son in New Hampshire, so we won’t even install an A/C.  I like Trane from using them over the years in various houses.  We got a couple of bids on other gas furnace prices just to compare, but stuck with the Trane because it was more or less comparable to low-end models from Goodman and Ruud and I thought it offered good quality.  Here’s the cost:

    Trane Single-Stage XT80 80,000 Btu gas furnace, $839

    Installation, $1,800

    Total: $2,639

    We are retired and love working on this house – but I didn’t want to tackle the furnace installation.  I’ve heard too many stories about botched jobs and I didn’t want to cause any problems. A carbon monoxide leak in the attic is dangerous because the gas is heavy and it would sink down into the house.  No thanks!  I had a semi-retired HVAC specialist do the job.  He’s got all the qualifications and his prices are reasonable.  The furnace has been outstanding.”

    That certainly is a dandy little furnace and it looks like Van got a great deal on it.  It doesn’t sport a ton of features – it just does an efficient and reliable job of heating:

    • 80% efficient.
    • High-efficiency single speed blower motor that is also insulated and quiet.
    • Wired for Trane CleanEffects, and excellent air purifier popular with asthma and allergy sufferers.
    • Microelectronic controller with self-diagnosis and error codes.
    • Non-welded heat exchanger for maximum durability.
    • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet is insulated and powder-paint coated for longevity.
    • Limited 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 5-year coverage on all else. If the furnace is installed as part of an entire Trane HVAC system the 5-year coverage is increased to 10 years.

    Stay Safe and Warm with Professional Installation

    Van made the right call by hiring an experienced professional to install his Trane Single-Stage XT80.  Working with gas line, exhaust vents and complex wiring is best left to those with the training, experience and tools to do it.  It’s also a great idea to have the building inspector check the installation and install a CO detector in your home.  You’ll have the peace of mind you want as well as the most efficient and durable performance out of your gas furnace.

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