• Trane Single-Stage XR95 Gas Furnace Price

    Many homeowners are opting for cost-conscious furnaces in this market as many of the HVAC prices sent in to us show.  This approach is making the Trane Single-Stage XR95 furnace and models like it best sellers.  This furnace offers outstanding fuel efficiency while providing heating that is quite comfortable.  If you are looking for a basic, no frills furnace you can rely on to lower you bills while adequately heating your home, this in a good one.  David’s letter from Jenkintown, PA shares his Trane Single-Stage XR95 gas furnace price and his reasoning behind the purchase.

    “Having seen the value of our home drop by 37% from where it was 7 years ago, we’ve decided to invest as little as possible in it until things turn around.  So when our furnace needed replacing we made the decision to buy the least expensive, but quality, 95% efficient furnace we could find.  The Trane Single-Stage XR95 rated higher and was less expensive than other models we looked at while gathering gas furnace prices.

    I contacted 3 local Trane dealers and got bids.  Two of the companies are big, regional outfits and the third is a local shop.  The local company has a very good reputation.  I wasn’t surprised when they came in 5-7% lower than the big boys.  Here’s the bid we took:

    • Trane Single-Stage XR95 105,000 Btu gas furnace, $1700;
    • Removal of old furnace and installation in the attic of the new furnace, $2,600;
    • Total: $4,300
    • From Trane’s website, here are the details of what you get with this furnace:
    • Up to 95% AFUE – Tax credit eligible and Energy Star rated.
    • Primary heat exchanger is aluminized one-piece steel.
    • Secondary heat exchanger uses 3-pass construction to optimize efficiency.
    • Multi-speed blower motor is direct drive for most quiet operation.
    • Control board offers self-diagnostics.
    • Silicon nitride igniter with proven durability.
    • Sealed combustion uses outside air only.
    • Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet is powder-painted for durability.
    • Insulated to reduce heat loss and noise.
    • Multiple models in both upflow/horizontal and downflow/horizontal.
    • Heating capacities include 38K, 57K, 76K, 92K and 105K approx. Btu’s.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchangers and limited 10-year coverage on all else. Extended warranties are also available.

    The furnace has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and utility costs so we are very happy with the purchase and recommend this furnace to others looking to save money.”

    Get 95% Efficiency with Quality Installation

    When you purchase a high efficiency gas furnace the last thing you want is for it to underperform.  Studies consistently find furnaces running under their expected level of performance mainly due to improper installation.  Setting a furnace incorrectly can also lead to wiring problems that may ruin the mother board.  Other issues include potential gas or carbon monoxide leaks that can be deadly.  Having a qualified contractor handle the installation is the best way to keep your family safe while enjoying the full 95% efficiency you paid for.  Don’t skimp on installation and enjoy fuel cost savings and optimum safety in the years ahead.

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