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  • Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Price

    Some homeowners view an 80% A.F.U.E. furnace as an entry-level model that should only be considered if trying to cut costs is the goal.  But is this always the case?  Is there such thing as a high end 80% gas furnace?  You bet there is.  Products like the Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace come complete […]

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  • Carrier Infinity Furnace Price | 58MVB Furnace

    The following Carrier Infinity Furnace Price was submitted as part of our Share your Price form. Michelle, was somewhat suprised when she saw the first Carrier Infinity furnace price, but quickly realized the quality of the system! Carrier Infinity Furnace | Carrier 58MVB Our story was actually very similar to the reader who submitted the Carrier […]

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  • Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Price

    Tim, from Charlotte NC, shares his Carrier Infinity Heat Pump price. Hi Mark, We recently bought a home in Charlotte NC, and during the home inspection process, we found that we had to have the heat pump system replaced. Since we heard great things about Carrier equipment, we decided that a Carrier Infinity Heat Pump […]

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