• Ruud UAPL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner Price

    Ruud is known in the HVAC industry for making quality and dependable air conditioners like the Ruud UAPL-JEZ Series central air conditioner that give consumers their money’s worth in terms of reliability and performance.  This unit offers standard efficiency and a low purchase price relative to other brands and it’s just the kind of value-priced model that consumers like Macey in Washington D.C. are looking for.  Macey shared a Ruud UAPL-JEZ Series central air conditioner price with us for you to compare with other central air conditioner prices and brands to help you choose the one to meet your needs.  Here’s Macey’s letter:

    “Last spring I surprised my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary by purchasing a central air conditioner for their home rather than replacing the old window unit that was noisy and untrustworthy.  Their gas furnace is just about 5 years old so I just had the air conditioner added to the system.  Their furnace is an 80% efficient furnace and their bills aren’t too bad.  When I talked to contractors about the a/c, a couple of them suggested higher efficiency models that were quite a bit more expensive.  I don’t expect my parents to live in that house more than 5 more years so I went with the standard efficiency model and think I’ll save in the end.  They are thrilled with the new a/c since it cools the house evenly.  The old air conditioner tended to make the front room so cold my mother didn’t want to be in there while the second floor remained pretty hot.  No more!  We should have done this long ago since the cost really wasn’t terrible.  Here’s what I paid:

    2.5 ton Ruud UAPL-JEZ a/c: $1,379; Installation, $1,000; Total: $2,379.

    I think we got a pretty good deal on the labor charges to install it because the person I bought it from and who installed it is a man in my parent’s church, and he looks out for the older folks pretty well.  I know my parents appreciate the new air conditioner.  Their electric bill wasn’t any higher than it was with the old air conditioner!”

    Thanks for the price report, Macey.  We always appreciate HVAC prices from our readers so we can provide them to you to compare brands and costs.  The Ruud UAPL-JEZ will deliver reliable service for many years.  Here are the key specs on that air conditioner:

    • Up to 14 SEER, an Energy Star product.
    • Single stage scroll compressor for efficient and quiet performance.
    • The Copeland compressor is widely regarded as the best compressor in the industry.
    • Pressure switches protect the compressor from operating until the internal conditions are right.
    • When coupled with a Prestige Series air handler, this A/C offers enhanced humidity control.
    • Control board and diagnostics alerts you to potential problems and service issues.
    • Unique motor mount helps prevent damage to the fan motor.
    • Base pad keeps the condenser off the pan to reduce corrosion and vibration.
    • Heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet is strong and corrosion-resistant.
    • 5-year limited unit replacement warranty.
    • 10-year limited parts warranty.

    Protect Your Investment with Professional Installation

    The last thing you want to happen is to have your warranty voided due to improper installation by someone who is not a trained, qualified contractor.  This happens frequently, unfortunately, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.  The Ruud 5-year unit replacement warranty is one of the best in the business so you’ll want to keep it in force by having a professional do the work of installing it.  Plus, your air conditioner will run more efficiently and be less prone to breaking down.  Hire a pro and get the best performance and greatest longevity out of your Ruud UAPL-JEZ central air conditioner.

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