• Ruud 13AJL Series Central Air Conditioner Price

    If you are looking for a quality air conditioner at a low price, one of the best available is the Ruud 13AJL central air conditioner that offers standard efficiency and very reliable performance.  This 13 SEER central air conditioner is a work horse if it needs to be, but it’s also a perfect fit for homes in moderate or cooler climates where a high-efficiency model isn’t as essential.  This letter from Tom in Hamilton, New York offers not only the Ruud 13AJL Series central air conditioner price but one of the ways this inexpensive air conditioner can be used.

    “Over the last 20 years I’ve collected 22 small homes in this area as rental units.  I was always looking for quality, durable and cheap HVAC products to put in my homes to save hassles with repairs and to save on the HVAC prices I pay.  About 8 years ago I installed a Ruud central air conditioner in my own home and like its performance along with its price so well that now they are all that I use.  The Ruud 13AJL Series came out a few years ago, as the successor to an earlier model I frequently used, and now I install it exclusively.  Here in upstate New York the 13 SEER is efficient enough since most of my renters don’t run their a/c any more than they have to.  No one has complained about high energy bills.  I’ve put 8 of these air conditioners into various homes and there hasn’t been a problem with any of them. There’s nothing fancy about them – they just work.  Here’s what I paid for the latest one I had installed:

    2 ton Ruud 13AJL central air conditioner: $1,029; Installation, $1,540; Total: $2,569.

    Even though this is a fairly mild climate, I find that having a central air conditioner in the home helps me rent them because people don’t want to hassle with a window unit – putting it in every spring and taking it out before winter.  I like it too, because I’ve found that window units are often the cause of a lot of damage to homes when they let rain or moisture in that ruins window sills and often drywall or flooring below the window.  This way I don’t have to worry about it at all.”

    Thanks for the letter Tom.  You make a good case for choosing a central air conditioner over a window unit.  Higher efficiency and less noise in the house are 2 more good reasons to choose a C/A model like the Ruud 13AJL.  Here are its key features:

    • 13 SEER performance.
    • Quality scroll compressor which is efficient, durable and quiet.
    • Uses R-410A refrigerant which is proven to be more environmentally safe.
    • Durable, heavy gauge galvanized cabinet resists corrosion and looks better longer.
    • Unique fan motor mount reduces vibration and corrosion while enhancing motor longevity.
    • Easy-access service panel makes cleaning, maintenance and repairs easier.
    • Conditional 10-year warranty on the compressor and all parts.

    Maximize your Savings with Professional Installation

    Many people choose the Ruud 13AJL Series central air conditioner because they want to save money.  Some of them make the mistake of installing it themselves in order to further cut costs.  Studies show conclusively however, that DIY installation is a major source of system failure.  Plus, for some brands, this will void the warranty and leave you with an expensive bill.  In the long-run, it’s better to have a qualified contractor handle the installation so you can know your unit is covered by the warranty and that it is operating at peak efficiency.  Factor installation into the central air conditioner prices bids you get and you’ll be further ahead in the end.

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