• Rheem RAPL-AZ Series Central Air Conditioner Price

    Rheem is one of the most recognizable brands in the HVAC industry and their solid reputation is built on dependable, high-performance models like the Rheem RAPL-AZ Series central air conditioner.  This quality product is a good choice when homeowners want to lower their utility bills without breaking the budget on a very expensive central air conditioner.  This Rheem RAPL-AZ Series central air conditioner price comes to us from Elise in Madera, CA who recently had this unit installed.  We’ll add it to our archives of HVAC prices that give readers the chance to see what others paid for brands and models.  Here is her letter.

    “Thanks for the helpful site!  I started researching central air conditioner prices and models here about 4 months ago since I knew we wanted to add one to our existing furnace.  I took my time and talked with several contractors along the way.  I’m not going to say that all central air conditioners are exactly the same – motor oil is motor oil kind of thing – but I didn’t find a lot of differences in the ones I compared.  One dealer pushed me toward a high-end a/c that I could even program from my cell phone.  That might be great for some folks but I need basic reliability with excellent energy-efficiency.  Here in the central valley the temps aren’t too bad, but it can get pretty hot for stretches in July and August so I wanted about a 16 SEER model without paying the extra for an 18-20 SEER model.

    Since I couldn’t tell much difference between the various models, and since the prices weren’t that different, I chose the contractor that I felt the most comfortable with.  He had been the first one I called and was informative and professional.  He followed up our meeting with a phone call to see if I had any questions but was never pushy like one or two of the others were.  I asked him about his crew and he said that they had all been with him at least 4 years and had many years experience.  His references checked out and so did his status with the Better Business Bureau.  I felt like I was pretty complete in my scrutiny of this guy, and I think it paid off.

    It took a crew of 2 people about 5 hours to complete the installation and testing of the unit.  It isn’t cooling season yet, but it seemed to work well.  The owner called me about an hour after the crew left and asked if I had any questions and if the crew cleaned up their mess, etc.  I was very impressed and have recommended this company to several other people.  Two of them had entire systems installed and had nothing but good things to say about the company.

    I had a 3 ton Rheem RAPL-AZ Series central air conditioner installed.  The unit’s price was $1,179 and installation was $1,500.  Total was $2,679.”

    Thanks for passing along the price as well as the reminder to choose a qualified contractor carefully.  Here are the key features of the Rheem RAPL-AZ Series central air conditioner:

    • Up to 14 SEER performance.
    • Quality, reliable and quiet scroll compressor.
    • Uses environmentally safer R-410A refrigerant.
    • Unique Rheem cabinet features a wraparound design that does a better job protection the internal components.
    • The cabinet is made from heavy-duty steel that has been powder-coated to wear better and resist corrosion.
    • The base pan is corrosion-resistant and elevates the coil to reduce vibration and corrosion.
    • High pressure and low pressure are installed to protect the compressor from pressure extremes.
    • The outdoor coil features copper tubing and aluminum fins for more effective heat removal.
    • The cabinet’s easy-access panel makes maintenance and repairs go easier and more quickly.
    • 10-year compressor warranty; 10-year parts warranty.

    Get Peak Performance with Professional Installation

    The best way to ensure that your central air conditioner is properly installed and delivering the best efficiency it is capable of is to hire a qualified contractor to install the unit.  They have the skills, the experience and even the specialized tools to do the job correctly so that your Rheem RAPL-AZ Series central air conditioner will run as good as it should and save you 25% to 40% or more on your cooling bills.

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