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    If you are looking for the cost of a Rheem model RPRL-JEC heat pump, we’ve got it for you in this heat pump prices post.  In a recent letter from Laura in Atlanta, Georgia, she gives her costs for the heat pump and installation.  Following the letter, we list the features offered by this unit so as you’re comparing HVAC prices and models, you’ve got the information you need for an accurate comparison. Here is Laura’s letter:

    “When I was having my furnace cleaned a few weeks ago to prepare for cold weather, the technician noticed that the heat exchanger was cracking.  The whole system is 16 years old and the heat exchanger is covered by a lifetime warranty – or more properly a lifetime ‘limited’ warranty.  Part of the limited deal is that labor is not covered.  The cost of labor on replacing the heat exchanger was over $1,000.  I got a second opinion from another company and the price was slightly higher.  That was a shocker!  I never read in the fine print that the labor coverage was only 1 year, which I’ve learned is pretty standard for the industry.  I’ve been saving for a new system for the last few years, but was hoping to get 2 or 3 more years from this system.  No such luck!

    So I decided to take advantage of the expiring federal tax credits for high-efficiency HVAC equipment.  I got several estimates on a new split system, and decided on the Rheem RPRL-JEC heat pump and a matching Prestige Series air handler, with 10 kilowatt heater strips, I think they call them.  This Rheem system is higher rated than the Payne and York systems I was also considering, and it is less expensive than Trane and Carrier systems.  It’s got the right quality and price for me.

    Here is the Rheem model RPRL-JEC heat pump price I paid, along with the rest of the costs.

    2 ton Rheem RPRL-JEC central air conditioner: $1,850

    Rheem Prestige air handler with indoor coil and 2-ton variable-speed blower: $1,430

    Installation of the system: $3,400

    Total: $6,680

    It was installed 3 weeks ago and the AC has been running consistently.  The house is very comfortable.  I ran the heat mode to try it out, but it will be a month or so before I’ll need it.  The system is much quieter than the older Trane it replaced and I don’t notice any temperature changes during the day.”

    Here’s a look at the Rheem RPRL-JEC heat pump features:

    • 16 SEER cooling; 9.5 HSPF heating. Energy Star qualified.
    • 2-stage compressor performance offers better comfort control in all weather conditions.
    • High-pressure and low-pressure switches protect the compressor from unsafe internal conditions.
    • Cools using R-410A refrigerant that does not contain ozone-damaging chlorine.
    • System diagnostics provide faster maintenance and repair.
    • Newly designed base pan raises the unit to avoid corrosion from condensate and noise from vibrations.
    • Offered in 2-5 ton models.
    • 10-year compressor warranty and parts warranty are average for the industry.

    Get Better Performance with Professional Installation

    When you invest in a new HVAC system, you want it to run as efficiently as possible while making your home comfortable.  And you want it to last well beyond the time the warranties expire.  The best way to ensure all this is to have it installed by a qualified contractor and then keep the unit properly maintained over the years.  HVAC professionals have the skills and tools to properly install the system and set it up to run smoothly for many years to come.


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