• Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Price 15 SEER R-410A

    Payne makes some of the most affordable heat pumps currently available.  Even their high-efficiency models like the Payne PH15NB are very reasonable and a good choice for a variety of applications. Brad from Denver used the Share an HVAC price to send his Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Price 15 SEER R-410A review and we are happy to pass it along in our attempt to provide you with HVAC prices based on actual quotes.  Brad says:

    “My brothers and I hand-built a log cabin about an hour north of here in the mountains over the summer and chose the Payne PH15NB for the heating and cooling after gathering some heat pump prices.  We closed the cabin down for the winter since it’s inaccessible with the snow, but we used it in the fall and hope to open it up in April, so we do need some heating.   Electric heat is the way to go since hauling wood to the remote spot would be a hassle and there’s no gas line up there.

    I know the dealer I bought it from pretty well and asked him to sell me the unit so I could install it myself.  I think he may have done it but I actually changed my mind when I learned that the warranty would be voided by DIY installation and that it’s quite a bit harder than I had anticipated.  He told me his technicians go to school for several weeks just to know how to install the new heat pump/air conditioners and then he doesn’t trust them to do it without a more experienced crew person for a year.  I watched his guys install it during a fairly long day and he was right – it’s a very different animal than what DIY enthusiasts usually find in their home improvement/building projects.  I’m glad I didn’t try it.  The heat pump is awesome—quiet, efficient and all the other things it is supposed to be.  Here’s what it cost us:

    Payne PH15NB 2.5 ton / 30,000 Btu heat pump split system with coil and air handler: $2,225

    Installation: $2,600

    Total: $4,825

    Here’s what we got according to the manual:

    • 15 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and 8.2 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.
    • Energy Star rated and eligible for the federal tax credit for energy efficiency.
    • Uses R-410A refrigerant that is eco-friendly.
    • High-efficiency fan motor built for reliability and longevity.
    • High-density grill protects the outside components from the elements and debris.
    • Corrosion-resistance and chip-resistant paint will maintain its looks for many years.
    • Available sizes from 1.5 ton / 18,000 Btu to 5.0 ton / 60,000 Btu
    • 10-year warranty on all parts.

    We can’t wait to get the cabin opened back up and enjoy our first full Rocky Mountain summer full of weekends and vacation there!  The Payne heat pump will make it extremely comfortable!”

    Thanks for adding to our collection of HVAC prices Brad.  And for stressing the wisdom of having a qualified contractor install it for you.  Their expertise and experience will prove invaluable in the heat pump giving you the quality of performance and the years of service it should.

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