• Payne PG8MEA Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE

    Payne has been earning their stripes in the HVAC industry for nearly 100 years and their current lineup of standard efficiency furnaces that includes the Payne PG8MEA gas furnace is among the highest rated in the industry.  For many climates, an 80% efficient furnace from Payne is a perfect choice.  This letter from Doris in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is a great example.  It shares her Payne PG8MEA Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE details for our HVAC prices database.

    “We don’t run our furnace a lot here, but when cold weather hits it’s great to have a reliable way to stay warm.  We retired here from New York last March and did some work to the house, including replacing an old oil furnace with the Payne PG8MEA gas furnace.  Our furnace in NY was a Payne and gave us great service so we really didn’t shop for other gas furnace prices.  We just had the Payne dealer come and give us his best price for what we needed.  He recommended an 80% efficient furnace.

    He did his calculations and suggested a 45,000 Btuh furnace for our small ranch-style home.  The cost for the furnace was $1,250 and the installation was $2,000, for a total of $3,250 before senior discount.

    He had two men helping him and they installed it in one afternoon.  We added a central air conditioner to match it a few months later when we could afford it and the entire system has been great.  Last month was particularly cold and our home remained very warm and comfortable.  So far, it’s giving us the quality we expected from Payne.”

    That furnace should serve Doris for many years to come.  It has solid performance features that makes it easy to operate and very reliable.  These include:

    • 80% efficiency which should keep heating costs low in Florida.
    • Various sizes up to 135,000 Btu capacity.
    • 2 heat exchangers for increased efficiency.
    • ECM blower motors is quieter and uses less electricity than PSC types.
    • Sealed combustion chamber for noise reduction and less heat loss.
    • Multi-poise design makes it easy to install in a variety of settings.
    • 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10 years on all parts.

    You’ll get the most out of this quality furnace when you have it installed by an experienced, qualified contractor.  The contactor will make sure that all hookups are properly made for safe, efficient operation.  They’ll adjust the gas and air flow for optimal combustion and efficiency.  And when you have questions or need service you will know who to call.  Get the most from your Payne PG8MEA 80% gas furnace and its excellent warranty by giving the job to a pro.

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