• Payne PG8M Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE

    Do you have a home your planning to sell in the next few years but want a reliable, efficient furnace until that time?  Do you own a rental property that needs a solid, affordable new furnace?  The Payne PG8M gas furnace is one to consider any time, but these types of situations make them especially attractive because of their low price that doesn’t require years of payback time.  Here’s an HVAC Prices  letter that Dwayne sent us from Angola, Indiana that offers a Payne PG8M Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE review.

    “Every winter here in northern Indiana I swear it’s going to be my last.  I’m tired of the cold.  So this fall when two different repairmen (I always get a second opinion on potentially expensive home repairs, car repairs and body repairs!) told me the furnace was done for I faced the facts and replaced it.  I got 3 bids and the best price for what was offered was for the Payne PG8M.  I told them I wanted a cheap furnace with reliable heating and good quality and the Payne dealer delivered on all 3 counts. Here’s what I paid:

    Payne PG8M 80% AFUE, 66,000 Btu gas furnace, $929; Installation, $1,870.

    Total: $2,799

    Last month was bitter cold and my heating bill was down by 10% and the house was warm.  So I still hate the winter here but I love this furnace!”

    The Payne PG8M is a very reliable gas furnace, and very affordable as you’ll find when you compare gas furnace prices.  It offers good standard features that will keep your home comfortable while providing work-horse duty in the coldest weather:

    • Standard efficiency 80% AFUE.
    • Electronic control board for precise operation.
    • Hot surface igniter is reliable and durable.
    • Versatile positioning allows for installation on any floor or in the attic: Downflow, upflow, left-horizontal and right-horizontal models.
    • Low-nox model PG8J available for use in California.
    • Capacity available: 44,000 Btu, 66,000 Btu and 88,000 Btu, 110,000 Btu, 132,000 Btu and 154,000 Btu
    • 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year coverage all parts when properly installed by a licensed contractor and registered within 90 days.

    While installation can sometimes cost more than the price of the furnace, having a qualified contractor do it is essential to the furnace’s performance and longevity as well as to your family’s safety.  Improperly installed furnaces underperform in terms of efficiency and may have problems that include allowing carbon monoxide leaks. Of course, it is always a good idea to have a functioning carbon monoxide detector near your furnace, no matter who installs it!  Make the safe and dependable choice to let a trained professional installer do the work.  You’ll get the best results and sleep soundly knowing you and your family are safe and warm.

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