• Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE

    If you live in California you won’t be surprised to learn that your state has the most restrictive emissions standards in the country – perhaps, the world.  Furnaces like the Payne PG8JEA are designed with low-nox technology that passes CA standards while giving reliable and efficient service.  In a recent Share an HVAC Price post from Monterrey, CA, Cooper provides a Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Price 80% AFUE review.  We’ll keep it in our HVAC prices database for others to compare as they research gas furnace prices.

    “I am up to my elbows in gutting and redoing an old home here with great bones and views.  Everything needed replacing so I blew through my limit on federal energy efficiency tax credits long before I got to the furnace.  I don’t expect to use the furnace much so an 80% efficiency model is fine.  I got a bunch of bids for gas furnace prices and all of the 80% models came in pretty close.  I was very concerned that it get installed properly because I’ve learned a few things about improper installation during this project – a leaking supply line on the new built-in dishwasher destroyed the sub-flooring in the kitchen and about a square’s worth of new shingles blew off in the first strong winds because the roofer set the pressure wrong on the nailer and drove the nail heads through the shingles.

    Anyway, the dealer that knew his business better than the others was offering the Payne PG8JEA 80% furnace so I took him up on it.  He and a crew gal removed the old furnace late one afternoon and had the new one installed by 6 p.m. the next day.  When the inspector came to give it the final okay I had him look it over very carefully – kept him here for 30 minutes – and he assured me that the install was flawless.  In maybe 30 different days of use there have been no issues and I don’t expect any.  I got a good deal on a basic furnace that meets CA code, so I’m happy.   It features:

    • 80% AFUE which will suffice for this part of the state.
    • 4-pass heat exchanger.
    • Low-nox technology to reduce greenhouse gas and noxious fumes emission.
    • Quiet, gentle heat start-up is the result of a slow-opening gas valve.
    • Soft-mounted inducer motor is extremely quiet.
    • The cabinet is scratch-resistant and coated with anti-corrosion powder paint for longevity and looks.
    • 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10 years on all parts.

    The price looked like this:

    Payne PG8JEA 110,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,380; Installation, $2,700; Total: $4,080

    The installation price was high for sure because of the extensive sheet metal work that was required plus a rather tough vent situation.  On “easy” jobs the contractor said $1,800 to $2,200 is more typical.  Hope this helps.”

    Not everyone is as picky about installation as Cooper – but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to be!  Proper installation allows the furnace to run as efficiently as possible and, coupled with regular maintenance, deliver the greatest durability.  It also assures that the furnace is operating safely without leaking dangerous CO gases.  Always have a qualified contractor do the installation and like Cooper, don’t be afraid to bug the inspector to really give it a thorough going-over before he puts his approval sticker on it.

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