• Lennox Merit Series G40 Gas Furnace price

    The Lennox Merit Series G40 Gas Furnace proves that reliability and good performance don’t have to be expensive.  In this HVAC Prices installment Eldridge from Las Cruces, New Mexico shares the Lennox Merit Series G40 Gas Furnace price for our benefit. Here’s what Eldridge had to say.

    “We own a 1,575 split-level home here that needs a new furnace.  Our climate is great because it rarely gets terribly cold and the elevation plus arid air keeps it comfortable most of the summer.  So in terms of a furnace we need something inexpensive but reliable, with just an 80% AFUE.  I’ve had two contractors out and while they agree on the size of the furnace, one is trying to sell me a 93% AFUE model.  I’ve looked at the numbers several times and I think it would take me 7-8 years to make up the $400+ difference in cost, and that doesn’t include the potential interest I would make investing the difference.  It bugs me that this salesman would push the more expensive furnace on me when I think he knows it doesn’t make financial sense.

    I’m only sharing this to remind folks, especially retired people like us, to do your homework and know what you need before the salesman tries to tell you something different.  As they say, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.  The specs on the furnace look like this:

    Lennox Merit Series G40 60,000 Btu gas furnace, $819; Installation, $1,750 (before 15% senior discount) ; total: $2,569

    • Up to 80% efficiency for respectable fuel economy.
    • DuroLak/ArmorTuff heat exchanger made from aluminized steel.
    • Hot surface igniter replaces unsafe and wasteful pilot light.
    • 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger, and 5 year coverage on everything else.

    I also like this furnace because it doesn’t have a lot of “extras” that can break. I personally believe the more simple the design the greater the durability, all else being equal.  I’m hoping to get 15-20 years out of this one and live to see it replaced!  I’m 74 btw!”

    We find that the majority of heating and cooling contractors exhibit high integrity.  Every once in awhile you may come across an overly eager sales person hoping to boost their commission.  Eldridge hits it right on the head – the more you know going into your purchase the more likely you are to get the furnace that will best suit your budget and the comfort demands you have for your home.  That’s a major reason why we started this site – to share HVAC prices that provide you with the kind of information you need to make an intelligent decision.  Then, when you find the right qualified contractor to handle your job, you’ll always have the confidence that you received a fair deal.  And with an experienced contractor you’ll get the best performance and longevity from your furnace.

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