• Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Price

    In recent years the price differential between standard efficiency furnaces and high-efficiency furnaces like the Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace has shrunk.  No longer do 95% AFUE furnaces come with “bleeding edge” pricing to match leading edge technology.  This Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency gas furnace price from Dale in Rochester, Wisconsin is much appreciated and we add it to our list of HVAC prices you can use to get ballpark costs for many brands and models.

    “My folks retired recently to their place in the Dells and now that they are there full-time I wanted them to have a high-efficiency, very dependable gas furnace.  We had contractors give us bids on 3 different brands/models with 95% efficiency and ultimately chose Lennox for the combination of reliability and performance features.

    • 95% AFUE makes this furnace eligible for the federal energy efficiency tax credits and is Energy Star rated.
    • Dual fuel capability can be used in tandem with an electric heat pump.
    • Two stage burner uses low heat production to maintain comfort level; boosts to high when significant temp changes are called for.
    • Variable speed blower decreases temperature fluctuation and reduces noise.
    • Secondary heat exchanger boosts efficiency to 95% by capturing more heat before the air is vented.
    • Low speed fan switch provides gently flowing air when you want it, for optimal heating and cooling.
    • SureLight igniter is durable and reliable.
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on moving parts.

    The bid we selected looked like this:
    Lennox Elite Series G61V High-Efficiency 90,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,989. Installation, $2,400.  Total: $4,389

    The installation was tricky in an older home with the removal of a very old oil furnace.  Some duct work and venting had to be modified and replaced.  A team of 3 wrapped it up by lunch on the third day.  We built that home ourselves when I was a kid and have always done the projects on it, but I know enough not to tackle a furnace install, especially with the issues facing that particular job.  I’ve got total confidence my parents will stay warm and cozy this winter.”

    Good call Dale on choosing professional installation.  Your warranty is now in effect, you’ve got confidence that the furnace is venting and running safely, and you’ve got a professional to call in case any questions or problems arise.  With a qualified contractor you get the assurance that you’ll enjoy the greatest possible efficiency and longevity from the furnace you install.

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