• Lennox Elite Series G61 Gas Furnace Price

    Lennox makes several lines of gas furnaces and Elite Series models like the Lennox Elite Series G61 are their mid-level models.  Thanks for Janice from Rockford, MD for sending us the pricing information on her recent purchase of one of these furnaces.  Whenever we get input from readers we collect it in our HVAC Prices database and pass it along so you can benefit from the personal experience of others.  Here’s what Janice had to say.

    Last summer we had our furnace inspected and was told it needed some work, which we expected (cleaning, new blower motor, etc.).  We weren’t prepared for the $900 estimate, even though the furnace was 16 years old.  We got a second estimate and it was even higher, so we decided to take the plunge and buy an entirely new furnace.  My Dad recommended I look at Lennox and Carrier so I called several contractors and got bids.  The Carrier dealer pushed the high-end furnaces like the Infinity line, while the Lennox dealer here was more willing to listen to our needs and help us find a unit that worked for our budget.  My husband and I both appreciated that approach so he got our business.  We chose the Lennox Elite Series G61 furnace which isn’t top of the line but still has features we think will help keep our family, including 18 month old twins, very cozy.

    It was installed 2 weeks ago.  It took a 2-person crew about 7 hours.  On the second morning we woke up cold which was a dreadful feeling.  It wouldn’t start!  I called the office at 7 a.m. and they were here by 8 to check it out.  Turns out a wire had come loose and was shorting out.  Simple fix, problem solved and it has run smoothly since then.  It’s quiet, I don’t experience temperature fluctuations, and the house is uniformly warm.

    The total cost for the Lennox Elite Series G61 90,000 Btu furnace was $4,700 which included $2,700 for installation. We’ve since learned through chatting with friends that the cost of the installation was high.  I wish now I had called other Lennox dealers to get more than 1 bid on the unit we wanted!”

    Thanks, Janice!  Janice might have saved some money on her install, but her family got a good furnace.  Its top features are:

    • Excellent fuel savings with an Energy Star 95% A.F.U.E.
    • Fully insulated cabinet for quiet operation
    • Single speed motor
    • 2-stage functionality: Runs at 80% to maintain heat; 100% when boosting temperature
    • Secondary heat exchanger makes more efficient use of heat created
    • Better humidity control
    • Low-speed ultra-low fan for more even, consistent heating and better air quality with air purification system installed
    • Dual-fuel capability: Use it with a Lennox heat pump for customized and efficient heating/cooling year round
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on parts

    You know how important we think using a qualified contractor is in order to get the maximum performance from your expensive investment.  Janice reminds us to get several bids to find the best price from the top contractors in your area!

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