• Lennox Elite Series G51 Gas Furnace Price

    Lennox models like the Lennox Elite Series G51 gas furnace are best sellers with consumers who want the proven reputation of Lennox coupled with good ratings and service records.  In the good-better-best scheme, the Elite series are their better gas furnaces in the Lennox lineup.  Lennox doesn’t publicize pricing so we appreciate readers sharing their information with everyone.  We add the info to our HVAC Prices database and pass it along so you can get an idea of the costs of various brands and model.  This submission from Julie in Topeka, Kansas gives the scoop on her Lennox Elite Series G51 gas furnace price.

    “We got a great deal on a 1,350 square foot ranch home under construction.  The builder’s original customer backed out when he lost his job and moved to find work.  The house was for sale for six months when we entered the picture.  We were able to choose interior layout, décor and fixtures, plus details like the HVAC components.  The builder highly recommended Lennox stating that he rarely saw issues with them even after many years of use.  We researched Lennox on this site and elsewhere and what we found was consistent with his claims.  He handled working with the contractors but we wanted final approval on pricing.  The two quotes he presented us with were:

    Lennox Elite Series G61 60,000 Btu 95% AFUE gas furnace, $1,339, plus $2,200 installation: Total $3,539

    Lennox Elite Series G51 60,000 Btu 92.1% AFUE gas furnace, $779, plus $2,200 installation: Total $2,979

    Since the house was already a bit of a stretch for us financially we chose the Lennox Elite Series G51.  It has excellent fuel efficiency and we save a few bucks up front.  The builder said 2 men took about 5 hours to install it.  The job was easy since it is new construction with no old unit to remove and dispose of.   That’s the nuts and bolts of our story.”

    Thanks for the information Julie.  You’ll enjoy the Lennox Elite Series G51.  Its basic features include:

    • Up to 92.1% AFUE, an Energy Star qualified furnace.
    • Single stage operation gives reliable heating.
    • Duralok Plus primary heat exchanger offers excellent longevity and performance.
    • Secondary heat exchanger squeeze more out of the energy burned.
    • Low speed constant fan option keeps the air moving for greater comfort throughout the house.
    • Insulated cabinet and precisely balanced fan reduce noise.
    • Dual-fuel capacity means that a heat pump can be installed for alternating the heat source.
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on the furnace, with extended coverage available.

    Notice that even someone as handy as a builder hired a professional to do the installation.  A qualified contractor knows how to properly install a Lennox Elite Series G51 gas furnace to optimize performance, assure that it is venting safely, and get the greatest longevity from the unit.  They also validate the warranty to give you the protection you need should the furnace require repairs while covered.

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