• How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

    If you are in the market for a new furnace make sure that you decide whether you want a high efficiency unit or a standard efficiency furnace. The standard models will cost significantly less, but that savings will be lost in just a few years because they use far more fuel to heat your home than high efficiency models. Most experts suggest paying more for a high efficiency gas furnace if you plan to be in the home for even 3-4 years. The extra cost will certainly be recouped within that time in the form of lower energy bills.

    When shopping for the type of furnace you want, be sure to see several estimates. Give any sales professional you speak with the square footage of your home, and answer any additional questions, so that they will give you price on a model that will provide the heat you need. In addition, ask the number of Btu’s delivered by the model they are quoting you, so that you can accurately compare the quotes you receive, knowing they are based on comparable units.
    For the best prices, shop during the off-season if possible. Dealers often offer end of season discounts on existing units to make room for the next year’s models, most of which differ very little. Ask for discounts for cash payments, and ask the dealer if they are aware of local, state, national, or energy company rebates for buying energy efficient models.

    The bottom line is that quality furnaces have a wholesale cost of $500 to $2000, and if you plan to install it yourself, this will produce a nice savings. If you buy from a dealer that includes installation in the deal, expect to pay between $1500 and $3500. The size of the unit, the brand, the efficiency rating and the energy usage rating are the primary price variables, as well as any special conditions related to the installation in your home.

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