• Heil QuietComfort Model Number DXT+ Central Air Conditioner Price


    The Heil QuietComfort DXT+ air conditioner is the best from this well-established HVAC company with a history of quality and innovation.  This is an efficient model that will lower cooling costs in many homes by up to 50% when replacing an older model.  Our Heil QuietComfort model number DXT+ central air conditioner price letter comes from Wade in Katy, Texas.  His price quote can be compared with other central air conditioner prices to find those that fit your budget, and the features we list below will help you decide if this unit is what you’re looking for.  Here’s Wade’s letter.

    “It’s been a brutally hot year here in the southwest, and I was worried my heat pump was going to give out in the heat.  My wife’s elderly parents live with us and it would present a dangerous situation to be without heat in 110 degree weather.  Plus, I’ve heard it is taking HVAC companies 3-7 days to get to customers due to the overwhelming number of air conditioners failing from constant use.

    So I took the proactive approach and scheduled to have our 18 year old AC replaced.  I got estimates on a Trane XL16i system, a Lennox Elite air conditioner, and the Heil QuietComfort DXT+.  We chose the Heil because of the lower price and because I preferred the representative from the Heil dealer.  We borrowed 2 window air conditioners from friends for the day and they managed to keep the air in our home down to about 85 degrees while it was over 105 most of the day.  The crew arrived at 7 a.m. and was gone by 2:30.  The Heil DXT+ did its job and the house was back down to 75 degrees within a couple of hours.  After hearing horror stories of people having to move into a hotel for a week while their AC was fixed or replaced, which would be very hard to do in our circumstances, I think we made a good decision.

    That was 6 weeks ago, and our first full energy bill with the new unit working shows a definite reduction in energy use.  Here is what I paid for the central air conditioner and installation.

    3 ton Heil QuietComfort DXT+ central air conditioner: $2,200; Installation: $2,500 (including new refrigerant line and system charge).

    Total cost: $4,700.

    We will get a $300 rebate from the local utility for installing an energy-efficient AC as well.”

    We appreciate Wade’s letter and we hear of many families choosing to replace old equipment before it fails and leaves them in a tight spot. Here are the Heil QuietComfort model number DXT+ central air conditioner features so you can compare units and HVAC prices for all the equipment you are considering.

    • 18 SEER efficiency is Energy Star rated.
    • 2-stage Copeland scroll compressor is the highest-rated compressor in the industry.
    • Runs on low 70% of the time to produce balanced temperatures and better control of humidity and air quality.
    • ComfortAlert II system monitors the system and coordinates components to work efficiently.
    • Cools with R-410A refrigerant which is safer for the environment.
    • Models available from 2 ton to 5 ton capacity.
    • Comes with a 10-year unit replacement warranty on the compressor and a 10-year limited warranty on all other parts.

    Quality Installation Matters

    Even a top of the line AC like the Heil QuietComfort model DXT+ can be nearly ruined when poorly installed.  To achieve the durability and efficiency you expect, have it installed by a qualified contractor with the tools, knowledge and experience to do the job correctly.  Your home will be more comfortable, your utility bills lower, and you’ll get the 15-20 years of reliable service you should from this quality air conditioner.



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