• Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump Price

    As part of our growing section on Heat Pump Prices, we got this Goodman SSZ16 High Efficiency heat pump review in our share a price inbox yesterday!

    The message from Bill of Cary NC was pretty clear… he was thrilled with his purchase, but almost lost a friend in the installation process. As you read this Goodman SSZ16 review, keep in mind that he bought it off eBay and performed the install himself over the course of 6 days. (A typical 4-8 hour project for a qualified contractor)

    Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump System Information

    • Goodman SSZ16036 3-Ton Heat Pump Condensor
    • Goodman ASPF Air Handler & Heat Strip
    • Installation Kit Included: TXV Kit, Pad, Pan, New Copper Lines, Plenum Box, New Breaker Box and Whip.
    • Tailgate Delivery to Home

    About Our Home

    We live in Cary NC and our heat pump condenser failed. The cheapest local guy wanted $6800 to install the new 3-ton 16 seer system and since I am a handyman, I decided to do it myself with the help of a neighbor, who is a service tech at a local HVAC company.

    Goodman SSZ16 Price Details

    After all the local estimates, I started looking online and saw that I could buy the same equipment for less than half the cost! Since the neighbor and I are good friends (Yes, we are still friends) my thought was… I can pay him a little of the savings and get a much higher efficiency heat pump in the end!

    • Goodman SSZ16 Price – $2990, Delivered!
    • Goodman SSZ16 Installed – $6800
    • Savings – $3810

    OK… thats where the good news ends…

    The system arrived to our “already hot for 10 days” house on a Weds afternoon and I could not have been happier! My wife called me home from work to check on all the equipment to make sure it wasn’t damaged etc. All the parts looked right, nothing was damaged, and I signed off and started unpacking the new goods!

    We (The neighbor & I) had already removed most of the old stuff while waiting for this to arrive… so I decided to put whatever I could in place, and planned on having cold air that night! Well… it was a hot spell here in the Carolinas and he was very busy at work. By the time he finally got home each night, it was after 7PM, he was hot and tired, and the last thing he wanted to do was work on my heat pump install!

    Anyhow – we finally got the system up and running by that Sunday afternoon…

    Four days later, all the freon had leaked out of the unit somewhere… and I had to wait another 2 days for him to come over and spend a few hours figuring out where the leak was, before recharging it.

    All in all, I am very happy with the unit, but if I had to do it all over again I might just take the higher installed price… a happier wife and kids, and a solid 6-year friendship, over saving a few bucks.

    Bill, NC

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