• Goodman Multi-Speed Downflow – GDS8 Gas Furnace Price

    Goodman continues to grab market share every year with their low-priced furnaces like the Goodman Multi-speed GDS8 that also offer excellent reliability and an industry-leading warranty.  Jack in Fort Worth, Texas shares his Goodman Multi-Speed Downflow – GDS8 gas furnace price as well as his reasons for buying it.  We appreciate all of the HVAC prices we receive from readers so please keep sending them in via our convenient Share an HVAC Price form.  Here’s what Jack had to say.

    “I bought a loft-type condo last spring and one of the things on the list was a new furnace.  I don’t know how long I’ll be in this place.  I may sell it, turn it into a rental property, or be here long-term.  So I wanted an inexpensive, reliable furnace that would serve my purposes whatever I decide to do with the condo.  Because of the set up of the building, I needed a downflow unit to place in an area that serves as an attic/storage space.  It’s also impossible to have a standard central air conditioning unit in this condo so I went with just the furnace, no a/c.

    After researching brands on this site and gathering gas furnace prices it became clear that Goodman was the brand for me.  I met with 2 Goodman dealers that I had checked out ahead of time.  Their estimates were nearly identical so I chose the company I felt the most comfortable with.

    The crew arrived on schedule and completed the removal of the old furnace and the installation of the Goodman GDS8 in less than one working day.  I was impressed with their professionalism and skill.  I asked a lot of questions and they were totally helpful in answering them.  Here’s what I paid:

    Goodman Multi-Speed Downflow – GDS8 70,000 Btu gas furnace: $789

    Installation including removing and disposing of the old furnace: $1,800

    Total: $2,589

    The furnace has been great.  I had an issue with the blower motor the first cold week here and the company was out the next day to fix it – basically a loose motor mount that caused a lot of vibration and noise.  It simply needed tightening.  I get good heat and the utility bills have been quite reasonable in my opinion.  This is a solid, inexpensive furnace and I recommend it.”

    Jack is right – the Goodman Multi-Speed Downflow – GDS8 gas furnace is inexpensive upfront and also good on energy efficiency.  If Jack were to stay in that condo for 5-8 years, paying more for a higher efficiency furnace might have made sense; but since he was unsure of his plans, he made a decision that will likely be very cost-effective.

    Take a look at these GDS8 specs and see if it’s right for you:

    • Up to 80% AFUE.
    • Single stage gas valve and burner.
    • Adaptive hot surface igniter is durable and dependable.
    • Features a patented tubular heat exchanger made from aluminized steel.
    • Can be converted for propane use.
    • Insulated steel cabinet reduces heat loss and noise.
    • Baked-on enamel finish is long-lasting.
    • PSC multi-speed blower motor for added comfort while making less noise.
    • Integrated controls with self-diagnostic/error codes feature.
    • Options include multiple position choices and the ability to vent from top or side.
    • Run tested for heating and cooling at the factory before being shipped.
    • Models available at 45K, 70K, 90K and 115K Btu’s.
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-years on all other parts.

    Get the Best Performance with Quality Installation

    Whether you’ve purchased a 95% efficient furnace or an 80% model, you want to get the most efficient operation possible from it.  The best way to ensure that is to have a qualified contractor do the installation.  They’ve got the experience, skill, tools and resources to do the job right so that your furnace is safe, reliable and giving you the AFUE you expect.  You’ll also have someone to call should anything go wrong, or when your Goodman GDS8 needs standard maintenance over the years. Hiring a professional is a decision you won’t regret.

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