• Goodman Multi-Position, Multi-Speed, 92.1% AFUE — GKS9 Gas Furnace Price

    Goodman makes high-quality gas furnaces like the Goodman Multi-Position, Multi-Speed, 92.1% AFUE — GKS9 Gas Furnace Price, but any furnace is only as good as the installation.  Reginald from Tacoma, Washington wrote to share his experience about the negative effects of a bad installation job.  This is a great addition to our HVAC Prices archive, so thanks Reggie! 

    “I found your site about a month ago while researching my furnace, the Goodman GKS9.  I had it installed before last winter, replacing a 16 y.o. Trane that was rated at 80% efficiency.  I went with the 92% AFUE Goodman to conserve energy in the face of the soaring price of natural gas.  I expected to use about 12% less gas, right?  Wrong!  Every month during last winter I was using more gas by 5-10%, and the weather was actually somewhat milder.  I called the same installer out and he checked it over, saying everything looked fine and I should have my gas meter checked.  I got busy and let it go after that, until this fall.  I came across newhvac.com and learned that bad performance is often produced by bad installation.  I had checked out the Goodman GKS9 and it is highly rated, so thought I’d try the contractor again.  This time I demanded that their senior technician accompany the first installer to look at it.

    About 20 minutes later he called me downstairs and told me there were “significant issues” with the installation, including a key gas pressure adjustment and something with the plenum.  An hour and several sincere apologies later, they left.  That was in September.  Guess what, after 3 months this winter my energy usage is down by 20% over last year – and this winter is worse than last!  Thanks for pointing out the need for quality installation to go with a quality furnace!

    Oh – almost forgot that this is the Share a Price forum.  Here’s what I paid.

    Goodman GKS9 92,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,399

    Installation, including removing the old furnace, some additional materials, $1,900

    Total: $3,299

    What I got:

    • 92.1% efficiency which makes it an Energy Star furnace.
    • Patented aluminized steel heat exchanger.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger, 10-year warranty on all functional parts.
    • 4-speed motor to ensure good air flow, balanced heating and cooling, and quiet operation.
    • Dual stage burner runs low MOST of the time unless I turn down the heat when I leave and crank it up when I return.
    • Steel cabinet is sturdy and powder painted – looks great after 16 months.

    In closing – if you’re furnace isn’t performing as it should, get the installation checked!  It’s going to save me about $230 this winter alone!”

    You said it better than we could, Reginald.  Using an experienced and qualified contractor to install and properly set up your furnace is an essential part of guaranteeing top performance.  Monitor your energy bills to see just how much gas you are using, and if it seems higher than it should be, get a qualified contractor out to check it immediately.  Correct installation leads to the best performance every time.  Thanks for sharing your Goodman Multi-Position, Multi-Speed, 92.1% AFUE — GKS9 gas furnace price story.

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