• Goodman Multi-Position, Dual$aver — GMH8/GDH8 Gas Furnace Price

    If you need a dependable, standard efficiency furnace in a fairly mild climate, the Goodman Multi-Position, Dual$aver — GMH8/GDH8 Gas Furnace Price is one to consider.  Nancy in High Point, North Carolina did and seems pleased with her purchase.  Here’s the note she posted by filling out the simple form on our Share an HVAC Price page.  We’re always glad to pass on to you information on HVAC prices that will assist you in finding the right equipment for your needs.

    “Hi folks!  We had a Goodman GMH8/GDH8 installed last summer and it’s been all we hoped far this first heating season.  We opted for an 80% efficient furnace to save on initial costs and also because the winters aren’t horrible here.  Plus, we use an insert in the fireplace with a blower that does a good job adding heat to our family room/kitchen area where we seem to be most of the time when home in the winter (eating and watching UNC basketball, lol!).  We chose Goodman because the cost was less than most comparable furnaces and the warranty is better – a darn good combination, IMHO. Plus, the sales brochure lists:

    • DualSaver two-stage heating that runs on low 80% of the time during normal operation. Reduces temperature swings.
    • Standard efficiency 80% AFUE which will conserve energy over many older furnace models.
    • Circulator motor has 4 speeds for low-noise, high-efficiency performance.
    • Low constant fan mode insures quietest, most efficient operation.
    • Durable silicon nitride starter replaces pilot light.
    • Low-nox emissions models for use in CA. (Soon they’ll outlaw breathing in CA – or have they already!)
    • Rugged steel cabinet with baked enamel paint.
    • Sizes to fit any application, from 45,000 Btu to 140,000 Btu.
    • Industry’s best warranty: Limited lifetime on the TuffTube heat exchanger, 10-year furnace replacement if the heat exchanger fails in first decade, 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts.

    We had 3 contractors give us 4 quotes, and it’s pretty clear they do a good job of checking up on each others’ pricing.  The 4 bids were:

    Goodman GMH8/GDH8 70,000 furnace, $789; installation, $1,500.  Total: $2,289

    Goodman GMH8/GDH8 70,000 furnace, $825; installation, $1,475.  Total: $2,300

    Goodman GMH8/GDH8 70,000 furnace, $800; installation, $1,550.  Total: $2,350

    Goodman GMH8/GDH8 90,000 furnace, $919; installation, $1,600.  Total: $2,519

    The contractor who quoted the 90K unit did not take into account the fireplace insert.  He said it is his policy to go strictly by the home’s size, layout, windows, etc. and not consider auxiliary means of heat since they “come and go.”  We thought he made a decent case but asked him to quote us on the 70K unit, which he did.  My husband and I appreciated his thorough approach so gave him the business – in a good way.  His was the highest, but only marginally.”

    Thank you Nancy! When you are considering an important investment like a new gas furnace, it is vital to get bids from several dealers and then choose the qualified contractor you feel the best about.  It’s never a bad idea to check references, the BBB, and other sources.  Let the contractor handle the entire job, since that’s the only way to have your warranty honored.  It also ensures that your furnace is installed properly so that there are no safety problems and it runs at peak efficiency and performance with the best longevity.

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