• Goodman GPH1536M41 – 3 Ton, 15 SEER Self-Contained Heat Pump Price

     Goodman GPH1536M41 - 3 Ton, 15 SEER Self-Contained Heat Pump  Goodman GPH1536M41 – 3 Ton, 15 SEER Self-Contained Heat Pump

    Most of us live in a climate that requires a total HVAC system to provide year-round comfort in our homes.  The key is to find a heat pump like the Goodman GPH1536M41 Packaged Heat Pump that offers high efficiency heating and cooling to stretch your energy dollar.  There’s a lot to like in this unit and it begins with the 3-ton air conditioner that features a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 15.  The federal HVAC tax credit applies to models that achieve a 15SEER so you’ll be eligible to receive a credit worth 30% of the cost of the unit plus materials and installation, up to $1500 total. 

    This packaged heat pump is not a split unit but comes self-contained in a single cabinet for maximum ease of installation.  That housing is made from heavy-duty grade galvanized steel that is powder-coated to withstand the elements in every season.  Supply and return ducts, along with the wiring and drain line, are all that is required where duct work already exists.  The unit works equally well with high static and normal static ducting. 

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    The energy efficient blower motor is convertible for horizontal or downflow operation so the unit may be installed at ground level or on a flat roof.  The R-410A refrigerant is earth friendly, too, with no chlorine in the mix. The 35,500 Btu heating and the 3-ton cooling capacities makes this a good system for a small to medium size home or living space.  The Goodman GPH1536M41 Packaged Heat Pump will perform well in any climate but will produce the greatest energy efficiency in warm to moderate climates. 



    Goodman Heat Pump Price

    Our good friend Dave Thomas, Kansas City MO.  was kind enough to submit this quote that he received on his heat pump price. 

    “Hey I found your website and I am glad someone is finally publishing these prices.  It is nearly impossible to get any truthful information about prices and installation from the HVAC contractors.  In terms of price, I was given quotes ranging from $3,700 to $4,800 for just the unit. ” 

    The cost of installation varies widely among contractors so you may need to seek bids from more than 1 or 2. It may be tough to get a quote by phone since the installer will likely want to know all the specifics including the placement location, length of run to the duct work, complexity of the electrical hook-up and more.  With patience you’ll be able to nail down accurate bids.  Simply be sure to get in writing the one you plan to go with and expect the contractor to get the job done on budget!  Visit our partners to find more information about how to find a good HVAC contractor.

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