Trane is one of the largest HVAC companies in the world and their residential furnaces are among the bestselling units every season. Trane enjoys a very solid standing among homeowners and contractors, with a reputation for quality furnaces and service that is one of the best in the industry. The company continues to build upon a history of innovation and value that stretches back more than a century. Today’s Trane gas furnaces offer good options for homeowners in terms of complete systems and features offered on their residential furnaces. Here’s an overview of the current Trane gas furnaces product line that will give you an idea of where to begin your search for the right residential unit for your specific needs.

The XC95m Gas Heating Furnace is Trane’s top of the line. It is noteworthy for its high 95% fuel efficiency, advanced CleanEffects air filtration, fully modulating operation that only uses as much heating capacity as is required to produce the desired heat boost, and the ComfortLink II Communicating Capability. This technology allows all system components to synchronize automatically for optimal performance and efficiency in conjunction with the variable speed blower. The XC95 offers an optional Telephone Access Module that delivers remote climate control capabilities. Upflow, downflow and horizontal flow models are offered. The XC line is available in a more affordable 80% efficient furnace without ComfortLink capabilities and two heating stages.

The XV95 Gas Furnaces offer Trane’s best annualized fuel efficiency ratio of 96.7%, well over the Energy Star minimum 90%. Choose the directional flow you need; each comes with 2-stage heat and a variable speed blower for consistent heating throughout the home. The XV line is rounded out with 93% and 80% efficient units.

Other popular Trane gas furnaces include the XL furnaces with 2-stage heating, CleanEffects filtration and 92% efficiency. Three series of single-stage furnaces, the XR (95%), the XT and the XB (both 90%) complete the Trane line with a variety of performance features consistent with other Trane units.

Trane gas furnaces are among the highest rated for durability. The price point for Trane systems is often higher than for lower rated brands but the cost differential is backed up by longevity and performance that may make them a better value in many cases. Trane offers a warranty that is in line with those provided by most manufacturers. The units have a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 or 10 year warranties on operational parts, depending on the unit. On those with a 5 year warranty, certain key components are boosted to 10 years when the furnace is purchased and installed as part of an entire Trane HVAC system including air conditioning unit and thermostat.

Trained and qualified Trane service technicians are found throughout the country, typically associated with local Trane dealers, but not always. They have completed training that covers all Trane residential heating and cooling systems.

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