Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating is known in the HVAC industry as a manufacturer of moderately priced gas furnaces that offer good value and excellent fuel efficiency without the higher end performance features offered by Trane, Carrier and others. If you are a homeowner or HVAC contractor looking for a solid, dependable gas furnace with an affordable price point, Goodman gas furnaces are worth a look. Their reputation in the industry is one of value and reliability.
The Goodman gas furnaces roster is divided into high efficiency and standard efficiency models. The high efficiency models start with the GMVC95 Gas Furnace, a multi-position unit that offers upflow, downflow and horizontal flow. This 95% efficient furnace features 2-stage heating and a variable speed blower to help insure consistent, balanced heating and minimal fuel use.
The GMH95 is another multi-position Goodman gas furnace with Energy Star qualifying 95% AFUE. The multi-speed fan works to save energy as it moves warm air with consistency. The Goodman GKS9 is also multi-position, with a slightly lower AFUE of 92.1%, still worthy of the Energy Star rating.
Goodman gas furnaces that are designed as downflow models include the GCVC95/9 Gas Furnace with up to 95% fuel efficiency and the GCH95/9 Gas Furnace, another model capable of 95% efficiency. These models come with electronic control boards with self-diagnostics so that minor adjustments are easily made and major issues are quickly identified. The GCVC95 is compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet Communications System that coordinates all components of a complete HVAC system in order to maximize fuel efficiency and performance.

If you live in a climate that doesn’t require a workhorse gas furnace to deal with extreme cold, the Goodman gas furnaces with an 80% AFUE might be your most affordable option. This value-based line of furnaces deliver multi-speed or variable speed fans to produce balanced heating in the home and energy savings by only working as hard as is needed, based on the home’s climate needs. The multi-position, variable speed GMV8 and the multi-position, multi-speed GMS8 are the most popular Goodman gas furnaces offering 80% efficiency. They are selected by homeowners, income property owners and contractors for their good value, dependability and lower price point.

Goodman boasts one of the best warranties in the business and the company makes this a central piece of their marketing. The heat exchanger features a lifetime limited warranty and all other functioning parts have a 10-year limited warranty, in line with the largest names in the HVAC business. If repair is required most HVAC contractors have certification in working on Goodman units and therefore service is widely available.

An inexpensive Goodman gas furnace doesn’t mean a cheap, poorly made unit and Goodman sets out to prove this every day. Their units receive very respectable ratings from direct consumers, contractors and service technicians while being offered at prices that fit most budgets.

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