• Ducane Model 4HP14 High Efficiency 14 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Ducane products are becoming more popular as homeowners and contractors discover this high-quality line of heating and cooling products like the Ducane Model 4HP14 High Efficiency 14 SEER heat pump.  It shows excellent design and build, using excellent materials and components like the Copeland brand scroll compressor that is the highest rated in the industry.  This letter from William Ripley, West Virginia provides the Ducane Model 4HP14 High Efficiency 14 SEER heat pump price he paid and we will add it to our database of HVAC prices that gives readers the opportunity to compare brands and models.  Here is William’s post.

    “I’ve learned a great deal from this site in researching heat pumps so thought I would share the price I paid for the Ducane 4HP14 heat pump.  I wasn’t very familiar with Ducane when I started looking at heat pump prices and models but discovered that they are highly rated and really built well according to a variety of reviews.  I contacted a dealer and asked him to come out to give me a quote.  I also got bids on 13-15 SEER models from Trane, York and Goodman. I was leaning toward the Ducane and nothing I heard about any of the other units dissuaded me, though Goodman has a nice unit and a very good warranty.  The Ducane dealer was very professional and there haven’t been any complaints made to the Better Business Bureau about his company.

    I went ahead and chose the Ducane 4HP14 heat pump and scheduled an installation date.  Two days before they were to install the unit, the dealer called and asked to reschedule saying his lead installer’s wife needed an emergency c-section.  The first cold snap of the year was due (yes I know, I should have had the unit installed a month earlier) and I was a little concerned.  They came 3 days after they were supposed to and we survived a couple of chilly nights, but that’s all.  Here is what I paid for this heat pump:

    3 ton Ducane 4HP14 heat pump: $1,969

    Installation: $1,1500

    Total: $3,469

    The heat pump in dynamite!  I couldn’t recommend it any higher.  It has worked well and lowered our energy bills considerably!”

    The Ducane Model 4HP14 High Efficiency 14 SEER heat pump is a very nice unit.  It offers:

    • 14 SEER for cooling and 8.5 HSPF for heating, an Energy Star product.
    • Single-stage Copeland scroll compressor.
    • Compressor sound blanket and discharge muffler to reduce noise.
    • Low pressure switches for loss of charge protection.
    • Short-cycle protection.
    • Quality condenser coil with copper tubing and aluminum fins for efficient heat transfer.
    • Crankcase heater, defrost control and line dryer are standard.
    • R-410A environmentally responsible refrigerant.
    • Run-tested at factory for quality assurance.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all parts.

    Maximize Climate Control and Efficiency

    When you choose a Ducane Model 4HP14 High Efficiency 14 SEER heat pump it also makes sense to choose professional installation to make sure you get the absolute most from your heat pump. Proper installation ensures that your heat pump is functioning as efficiently as it should and will give you better longevity as well.  A qualified contractor has the skills and tools to the do the job correctly so you’ll benefit the most from this excellent heat pump.

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