• Ducane 4AC16 High Efficiency 16 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price

    Ducane isn’t a household name when it comes to heating and cooling the way that Lennox or Bryant is, but their reputation and renown are growing with a lineup of quality A/C units like the Ducane 4AC16 air conditioner.  They have a surprising number of performance features and rate well in independent testing.  Sherm in Bolingbrook, Illinois posted his Ducane 4AC16 High Efficiency 16 SEER air conditioner price and we’ll pass it along here as well as store it in our HVAC prices database.  Here’s Sherm’s post.

    “We bought a beautiful old home here that had been entirely renovated 5 years ago, furnace and all, but for some reason they didn’t replace the central air conditioner.  The owners worked for the same company and both got laid off 3 years ago and then 14 months ago lost the house to the bank after all the work they did, which is a shame, but that’s how things are right now.  We were able to get it for less than they owed on it.  We love the house and appreciate all the careful work they did in restoring the woodwork and maintaining an early 20th century feel to the home.  But I wasn’t going to go through a Chicago summer without a central air conditioner that was reliable, so we called several dealers out to give us the run-down on central air conditioner prices.

    One dealer carried a very well-known line but said he’d also just started selling Ducane air conditioners and was impressed with them.  He quoted me a price on his normal brand and the Ducane.  I did research on all the units that were quoted and I have to say from what I found online that I was most impressed with the Ducane.  I thought it had more to offer at a very affordable price.  The dealer explained that the company is making a push for market share and are offering some great deals.  That’s one we couldn’t pass up.  We purchased the Ducane 4AC16 High Efficiency air conditioner and they installed it.  It’s quiet, I’ll say that, and it’s more attractive than a lot of the boxy condensing units you see.  Most importantly, it handled the sticky, hot Chicago summer wonderfully.  The house was cool and dry without temperature fluctuations like you can get with some central air conditioners.  I’m impressed and heartily recommend Ducane.  Here is what I paid:

    4 ton Ducane 4AC16 air conditioner: $2,219; Installation, $2,700; Total: $4,919.

    The installation was expensive because it was tough to work in the tight basement and they had to move the pad to the backyard instead of the side yard where it was.  They ran new lines and used other materials that caused the price to rise.  Nonetheless, the system works as advertised!”

    Good to hear, Sherm.  That unit should give you 15-20 years of quality service.  There are literally too many features to list, but here are the most essential:

    • Up to 16 SEER performance.
    • Energy Star qualified/Tax credit eligible.
    • 2-stage scroll compressor is quiet and durable.
    • Compressor is the Copeland Ultra-TechTM, rated highest in the industry and used by top brands.
    • Comfort Alert 2TM advanced diagnostics.
    • High pressure and low pressure switches for maximum unit protection.
    • Uses R-410A refrigerant.
    • Thermal overload protection.
    • Compressor sound blanket and other features reduce operating noise.
    • Units available from 2-5 tons cooling capacity.
    • Built-in defrost control and crankcase heater.
    • Durable metal cabinet with louvered panels that remove quickly for maintenance or service.
    • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with rounded corners for safety and appearance.
    • Coils use aluminum fins and copper tubing for maximum efficiency and durability.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all functional parts.

    Maximize the Performance of your Air Conditioner

    The Ducane 4AC16 air conditioner has a lot to offer as you can see.  Having the unit installed by a qualified contractor is the best way to ensure you’ll get the maximum benefit from all those features.  A properly installed unit will perform up to expectations and last longer, as many studies have shown.  Don’t risk poor performance and reduced durability from any HVAC component.  Have a pro install it and enjoy worry-free service and a comfortable home for many years!

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