• Difference Between Trane and Lennox Heat Pumps

    This battle pits 2 of the industry’s heavyweights. Both Trane and Lennox are top-5 brands along with American Standard, Carrier and Maytag.

    In this heat pump buying guide the two brands are compared in the most important categories. The information will help you decide to choose Trane or Lennox.

    Trane and Lennxo Heat Pump Variety

    You’ve got a quality lineup from which to choose no matter which brand you prefer. The Lennox lineup consists of 3 series. The best is the Dave Lennox Signature Series followed by the Elite Series and the Merit Series. There are a total of 7 models in the Lennox lineup ranging from standard efficiency to high efficiency.

    The Trane lineup is very similar. There are also 7 models included. The best line is the Trane XL heat pumps followed by the Trane XR and the Trane XB models.

    For more details on the models, see our heat pump reviews. Each one contains complete HVAC prices, so you can compare models head to head.

    Heat Pump Efficiency Range

    The most efficient Lennox Signature Series heat pump, the Lennox XP21 offers 19 SEER and 9.5 HSPF. The least efficient heat pump in the current lineup is the Lennox Merit 13HPX with 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF

    The Trane XL20i is a 19 SEER, 9.0 HSPF heat pump while the least efficient, the Trane XR13 is a 14 SEER, 8.5 HSPF model. So you can see, the efficiency range is wider with Lennox, but only slightly. Both brands offer a range of models with efficiency levels to match any climate.

    Both Lennox Signature and Trane XL heat pumps are dual fuel heat pumps. This means that they can be installed with a gas furnace in a split system. This is ideal for climates with freezing winters because a heat pump won’t work below freezing. The advantage of including a heat pump is that a gas furnace costs more to run than a heat pump. So, alternating heating in a dual fuel system, the heat pump is used when temperatures are above freezing and the system switches to the furnace in colder temperatures. A dual fuel system is the best way to keep heating bills low.

    There is one area in which Lennox has a distinct efficiency advantage over Trane. The Lennox Signature heat pumps are wired to accept Lennox SunSource solar modules. In very sunny climates, these modules will produce enough energy to run the entire HVAC system, reducing or eliminating energy bills. The modules are expensive, but once they are in place, energy costs go way down.

    Heat Pump Quality and Warranty

    Lennox and Trane have very comparable service records – both very good. Consumer-generated reviews are excellent for each brand. In terms of warranties, Trane’s XL heat pumps have a 12-year compressor and 10-year parts warranty. Lennox Signature heat pumps have a 10/10 warranty, a slight difference. The lower-level heat pumps from both brands have 10-year compressor and 5-year parts warranties.

    Trane and Lennox Heat Pump Prices

    Lennox prices are just a bit higher than Trane’s for the top units. Otherwise, they are quite comparable. For Lennox Signature Series heat pumps, expect to pay up to $5,100. For Trane XL models, the top cost is about $4,900. For other models, you’ll pay $100-$200 more for Lennox models than you will for comparable Trane models.


    Some would say there’s not a dime’s bit of difference between the two brands, and that’s pretty true. Lennox and Trane are 2 of the elites and both make high-quality, durable heat pumps.

    For you, it might come down to the dealers in your area. Get multiple estimates on comparable models and go with the qualified contractor with the best experience and reputation. The quality of the installation is a huge factor in how well the heat pump will perform and how long it will last. Have it maintained on a regular basis and you’ll get the best longevity from any heat pump you install.

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