• Difference Between Carrier and Goodman Heat Pumps

    Comparing Carrier and Goodman heat pumps pits the top brand in the industry, Carrier, against the leading brand for value, Goodman. Carrier is one of the oldest and most respected brands; Goodman is relatively new and has struggled with a reputation for being cheap.

    Where do Carrier and Goodman heat pumps stand in head to head comparison? This heat pump buying guide will help you determine which one of these brands is a better fit for your needs.

    Heat Pump Models

    Carrier offers 4 different lines of heat pumps. Starting with the best, they are the Carrier Infinity, Performance, Comfort and Base. The Infinity Series is outstanding, headed by the flagship Carrier Infinity Greenspeed 25 VNAO heat pump with 20.5 SEER and 13.0 HSPF. The Greenspeed has a modulating compressor for very precise climate control and efficiency. All other Infinity Series heat pumps have 2-stage compressors.

    As you descend the lines in Carrier, you’ll find a mix of single-stage and 2-stage compressors along with diminishing efficiency. There are a total of 13 Carrier heat pump models.

    Goodman has a total of 7 heat pumps with the Goodman DSZC18 as the top of the line. It offers 18 SEER cooling and 9.0 HSPF heating. The top 2 Goodman heat pumps are 2-stage and the rest are single-stage. Goodman has not introduced a modulating compressor.

    So you can see, Carrier has more models from which to choose.

    Heat Pump Efficiency Range

    Impressively, all Carrier heat pumps are Energy Star rated. The minimum SEER is 14.5. The 13.0 HSPF of the Carrier 25 VNAO heat pump is tops in the industry.

    Goodman can’t match Carrier’s top-end efficiency, though an 18 SEER heat pump is very efficient. It’s worth noting, however, that not all consumers are looking for Energy Star heat pumps. They may live in a very mild climate or want an inexpensive heat pump for an area that doesn’t get much use such as a cabin or guest apartment. Therefore, Goodman’s lower-end options are more attractive to some buyers than Carrier Base heat pumps.

    Heat Pump Quality and Warranty

    Carrier has one of the top-5 service records in the industry. Carrier quality is legendary and its heat pumps are designed to last 20+ years. The warranty is the same for the entire collection. It includes 10-year compressor and parts coverage.

    Goodman has had a reputation for being cheap. While they still don’t match Carrier quality, they are much improved over 10-15 years ago. To demonstrate how much Goodman has made the effort to improve, its DSZC models have a lifetime compressor warranty that includes 10-year condensing unit replacement. If the compressor fails in the first 10 years, Goodman gives you a brand new outside unit. Warranties on the rest of the line are just as good as Carrier, with 10-year comprehensive coverage. 

    Carrier vs. Goodman Heat Pump Prices

    One of Goodman’s strongest selling points is the low prices on most of their models. Carrier can’t compete on price since its heat pumps are some of the most expensive on the market. You may pay more than $5,000 for Carrier Infinity heat pumps. The top of the line Goodman DSZC heat pumps cost less than $3,500.


    Carrier edges Goodman in terms of quality and the highest efficiencies available. You have more selection with Carrier too. Goodman offers lower prices and also better warranties on its top models.

    If you are in the market for a long-term, high-efficiency heat pump, then Carrier is the brand to consider first. If value is more important, then take a look at the lineup of Goodman heat pumps. No matter what heat pump you choose, have it installed by a qualified contractor because the quality of the installation plays a major role in how the unit will work through the years.

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