• Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 Central Air Conditioner Price

    For very high efficiency and outstanding performance, the Dave Lennox Signature line of central air conditioners is hard to beat.  Within the line, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 offers all of the line’s top performance features and a SEER rating just below the top level.  Jesse in Bartlesville, OK was impressed with it and passes along this HVAC prices post giving the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 central air conditioner price along with installation.  Here’s what Jesse had to say:

    “We demand a lot out of our central air conditioner.  It’s hot enough here to begin with, but my wife also operates a home-baked goods business using a small commercial kitchen in our basement.  With two commercial ovens going much of the week, and heat rising, you know it can get hot in our 2-story home.  It was the middle of last July when our old system quit, and it happened on a Thursday afternoon.  I scrambled to line up someone to come give me an estimate for a new unit since I knew it would need to be replaced rather than repaired – being about 16 years old.  Most of the contractors said they couldn’t get there until Monday at the earliest to look at it.  Only two out of about 10 made time to get there that evening.  Friday is my wife’s biggest baking day in the summer because she takes 250 pies, batches of cookies, loaves of bread and more to our local farmer’s market every Saturday as well as supplying 2 local restaurants.  The Lennox dealer came out and gave us a great price and when I told him our situation he made a few calls, rearranged some non-essential work for the next day, and said he and his crew would be there at 7 a.m.

    My wife told him to tell his crew to skip breakfast and when they walked in at 7 she had biscuits with sausage gravy along with muffins, tarts, cookies, and more waiting.  I was afraid they’d eat too much to be able to work.  But we sure were appreciative.  Kimmy started backing about 10 a.m. and by 11 .m. the A/C was installed and the house was rapidly cooling off.  The Lennox Signature XC17 is a work horse and we are getting our money’s worth from it.  Plus, our electric bill is down 5%, which I would equate to about 25% less for the cooling part of it.

    The costs were:

    Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 4 ton A/C: $2,969

    Installation: $1,500

    Total: $4,469

    It’s a great air conditioner and the local Lennox dealer was incredible!”

    It’s always good to hear stories of contractors willing to go the extra mile to take care of a customer.  And that is a quality furnace.  Here are its main features:

    • UP to 18.0 SEER
    • Energy Star and Federal energy efficiency tax credit eligible.
    • SilentComfort – features that reduce noise to just 62db including a quiet scroll compressor.
    • SunSource equipped for adding solar modules to produce electricity.
    • IComfort equipped for use with a total Lennox Signature system and iComfort touchscreen thermostat.
    • Ready for optional Humiditrol dehumidification system.
    • R-410A refrigerant that is environmentally safe.
    • Durable heavy-gauge steel cabinet and powder-coating for longevity and appearance.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor, outdoor coil and all parts.

    Enhance Dependability with Quality Installation

    Studies have shown that improper installation is a major cause of HVAC systems and components failing.  To ensure the greatest reliability as well as performance and efficiency your system can deliver, only trust the installation to a qualified contractor with good experience.  You’ll know your warranty is in effect and you’ll have the best chance of getting the performance and longevity out of your equipment that you paid for.  There’s more to it than finding the cheapest central air conditioner prices – factor in quality installation and really get the best value.

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  1. Interested in price for 4 ton Lennox XC17.

  2. Scott Acosta says:

    In the article about the Lennox XC17, there is a comment about the cost of a Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC17 4-ton A/C which is $2,969 and installation of $1,500. Would this include both the compressor and the air handler?


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