• Dave Lennox Merit Series 14ACX Central Air Conditioner Price

    Lennox makes some of the most technologically advanced HVAC products on the market and they can be expensive.  They also produce a quality line of value-oriented models like the Dave Lennox Merit Series 14ACX central air conditioner that won’t break the budget, but will do a reliable job cooling your home.  This 14 SEER unit will save you money on your energy bills over the older models it replaces, but it may not have the efficiency you want in very warm climates.  For moderate to cool climates where the air conditioner doesn’t run as much, it is an excellent choice and very affordable.  Kent in Kenosha, WI agreed and purchased one recently. He passed along this HVAC prices post in which he shares the Dave Lennox Merit Series 14ACX central air conditioner price he paid.

    “I’ve been a Lennox fan for many years and have installed them in 3 different homes.  The service record has been excellent.  When I bought a small vacation home near Green Bay last fall I decided to add a small air conditioner and air handler to it.  It is heated by a wood stove but after deer season I don’t think we’ll be heading there much.  We’ll mostly use it in the summer.  My experience with Lennox is that while they are great units they tend to be expensive, so I decided to get a few other central air conditioner prices to compare.  I met with Trane and Goodman dealers first and they gave me decent prices.  Then I met with the Lennox dealer and told him my concern.  He suggested the Dave Lennox Merit Series 14ACX and when he gave me the price. I was impressed.  It was slightly more than the Goodman but about the same as the Trane.  The dealer also talked me into going with a gas furnace for about $400 more than an air handler, to give me the convenience of heating that way if I choose to.  That made sense, and even with that upgrade, I spent less that I was expecting to.  Here were my costs:

    2 ton Dave Lennox Merit Series 14ACX central air conditioner: $1,475

    60,000 Btu matching 80% efficient gas furnace: $1,800

    Installation: $3,200

    Total: $5,475

    I left the contractor the key and he called me a few days later to say the system was installed and working great.  We got back there a couple weeks later and he had left the furnace running at about 68 degrees, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but not a big deal.  The system has worked very well – another winner from Lennox it looks like.”

    Thanks for the note Kent.  Nothing fancy about that model, but it does deliver dependable service.  Here are its features:

    • 14.0 SEER performance.
    • Tax Credit eligible / Energy Star rated.
    • Single-stage, durable scroll compressor.
    • Low-noise features include a direct-drive, precision-mounted fan.
    • Operating noise level is 76db.
    • Outdoor fin coil transfers heat effectively for more rapid cooling.
    • R-410A refrigerant is environmentally safe.
    • Louvered coil guard for protection and better air flow.
    • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet with baked-on powder paint for long life and appearance.
    • 5-year limited warranty on the compressor and all functional parts.

    Get the Most from your System

    When you add a new central air conditioner or an entirely new system to your home it is important to have it installed correctly.  Poorly installed equipment generally will not be as efficient as it should be, and will also break down more easily.  When a qualified contractor with the right skills and tools installs your equipment, he will test it to make sure it is running as it should, and you’ll get the energy-cost savings and the durability you expect from it.

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