• Dave Lennox Merit Series 13HPX Heat Pump Price

    If you are looking for low equipment costs but still want reliable and efficient performance, the Lennox Merit Series 13HPX heat pump is worth considering. It is a solid choice for homeowners, contractors and builders, those with rental properties or homes they are renovating and selling.  Hank in Dover, Delaware sent us this Dave Lennox Merit Series 13HPX Heat Pump price for our HVAC Prices article list and we appreciate it.

    “Last year when my mother passed away we decided to move my dad in with us – sort of!  He likes his own space so we built a small 480 square foot apartment onto our home for him.  Our current gas furnace and a/c is only 4 years old so it didn’t make sense to install a new system to cover the house and apartment, and since it is only sized for our existing house we needed something additional.  I went back to the contractor who installed our current Lennox Elite Series heat pump and system because it has given us flawless service.  He recommended the Dave Lennox Merit Series 13HPX heat pump and gave me a bid.  I got one other bid for comparison and since they were less than $125 apart I went with the contractor I trust.  His bid:

    Dave Lennox Merit Series 1.5 ton 13HPX heat pump with the CBX26UH-018-230 1.5 ton air handler and duct work, $3,349.

    Installation: $2,380.  Total: $5,729

    We used up our energy tax credits last year on replacement windows and a whole-house attic fan so I wasn’t concerned that this system doesn’t qualify.  My dad heats a far amount but rarely runs the a/c.  The addition is on a separate meter and so far the bills have been reasonable, so we’re satisfied and my dad is comfortable.  The 13HPX doesn’t offer any bells and whistles but that’s fine:

    • Up to 13.0 SEER and 7.7 HSPF, both fairly efficient numbers.
    • High efficiency outdoor coil.
    • R-410A refrigerant that does not contain chlorine so won’t damage the environment.
    • Precisely balanced fan is super quiet and reliable.
    • Heavy-gauge cabinet with baked on enamel coating for long life and beauty.
    • 5-year limited warranty on all parts, with a 10-year warranty available for additional cost – which we did not get.

    Basic, affordable and reliable is what we were after and I think we achieved the goal.”

    Well done, Hank.  The heat pump prices on all the sizes – up to 5 tons – for the 13HPX are tough to beat.  Here’s a note to keep in mind: even standard-efficiency models like this require a qualified contractor to do the installation so that the warranty will be honored and the unit will run at expected efficiencies.  It’s one thing to save money on a unit, and another to skimp on installation which has proven to be a costly choice in the end for many DIY-ers.  Quality installation contributes to performance and longevity every bit as much as the quality of the unit.

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