• Cost to Own a 60000 Btu Gas Furnace


    A 60,000 Btu gas furnace works well in homes of 1,200 to 2,000 S.F., depending on the furnace’s efficiency, climate, and the construction of the home. The cost to own a 60000 Btu gas furnace varies based on several factors.  Here are a range of 60000 Btu gas furnace prices that will give you a clear idea of what your cost might be.  See the summary at the bottom for a quick glance.

    Single-Stage Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces

    These are the most basic models and your cost to own a 60000 Btu gas furnace would be very affordable.  Single stage means that the furnace has a gas valve/burner that functions on full capacity only.  These units usually have a single-speed blower, though some feature a variable-speed blower.

    Standard efficiency is 80% AFUE, or annualized fuel utilization efficiency.  This means that 20% of the created heat is lost in the vented exhaust.  An 80% efficient gas furnace can be a cost-effective choice in warmer climates that don’t rely heavily on heating.  They are also popular in second homes and cabins where they don’t get heavy use and the lower equipment costs make them a good value.

    For a single-stage, standard-efficiency gas furnace, you should expect to pay between $650 and $900.  All the major HVAC brands manufacturer 60000 Btu gas furnaces or models very close to that capacity.

    Multi-Stage, Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces

    Multi-stage operation means that the burner has 2 modes, low and high.  They typically run on low mode, 60% to 70% capacity, most of the time to provide more consistent, gentle heating.  This produces more balanced temperatures within your home.  Multi-stage gas furnaces are equipped with variable-speed blowers to enhance indoor comfort and also reduce the noise level of the unit.

    Multi-stage, standard efficiency gas furnaces range in price from $800 to $1,100 and are widely available.

    Single-Stage, High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

    High efficiency begins at 90% AFUE with the most efficient being +/- 98% efficient.  The more efficient they are, the more they will cost.  High-efficiency furnaces are a good choice in cool climates because the additional cost of the furnace will be recovered in just a few years through lower gas bills.  Very efficient furnaces are also popular with homeowners pursuing green technology that makes less environmental impact.

    Single-stage, high efficiency 60,000 Btu gas furnaces range in price from $850 to $1,250.  The price range is greater due to the wider range of efficiencies.

    Multi-stage, High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

    These furnaces offer the greatest indoor comfort and the lowest energy bills, but they cost the most.  They are chosen most often by those in cooler climates who want a furnace that will reduce temperature fluctuation, enhance humidity control and do a better job with air filtration.  Most of these furnaces have a variable-speed blower to assist in producing a precisely controlled indoor climate.  The cost to own a 60000 Btu gas furnace of this type is $1,100 to $1,900.  Exact cost will depend on the brand, the efficiency and the performance features it has.

    Summary of the Cost to Own a 60000 Btu Gas Furnace

    Single-Stage Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces: $650 to $900

    Multi-Stage, Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces: $800 to $1,100

    Single-Stage, High Efficiency Gas Furnaces:          $850 to $1,250

    Multi-stage, High Efficiency Gas Furnaces:            $1,100 to $1,900

    These samples of the cost to own a 60000 Btu gas furnace will help you direct your search to the furnace that meets your budget and your requirements for indoor comfort.



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