• Cost of a 2 Ton Central Air Conditioner in 2014

    The 2014 cost of a 2 ton central air conditioner depends on two basic factors, efficiency and performance. We’ll look at both and the options you have in these categories.

    Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Cost

    Not all two-ton central air conditioners are equal. Here are the two key differences you’ll find as you consider your options.

    Air Conditioner Performance: Three levels of performance are available. Single-stage ACs run at full capacity when cooling. This is inefficient and usually causes slight temperature swings in the home. Single-stage air conditioners are the cheapest.

    Two-stage air conditioners run on low capacity most of the time, switching to full capacity when a boost in cooling is needed. They deliver more consistent temperatures and better dehumidification than single-stage models. Two-stage central air conditioners are moderately priced.

    The top-performing models are modulating air conditioners. The compressor runs at variable capacity between 40 percent and 100 percent. They deliver precise cooling that keeps temperatures level and removes more humidity during each cycle. You’ll pay top dollar for the improved indoor comfort variable-capacity ACs offer.

    Air Conditioner Efficiency: The least efficient central air conditioners on the market offer 13 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating). The majority of air conditioners sold are in the range of 14 SEER to 17 SEER. The most efficient models have ratings of 20+ SEER.

    The more efficient the model is, the more it will cost, as you would expect.

    • Single-stage ACs: 13 to 16 SEER
    • Two-stage ACs: 16 to 20 SEER
    • Modulating ACs: 20 to 26 SEER

    As you can see, performance and efficiency are linked, and that’s why central air conditioners get progressively more expensive.

    2 Ton Air Conditioner Costs

    Here are sample costs in the range you can expect to find when receiving estimates.

    • 2-ton Single-Stage Air Conditioners: $850 to $1,400
    • 2-ton Two-Stage Air Conditioners: $1,400 to $3,000
    • 2-ton Modulating Air Conditioners: $2,500 to $4,000

    Note on Quality: Large brands like Carrier, Trane and Lennox offer low, medium and high quality options throughout their lineup. Some brands like Goodman are bargain brands. The higher the quality, the higher the price. That factor accounts for the disparity in low and high prices in our examples.

    Finding the Lowest Air Conditioner Prices

    Your best option is to receive written estimates from several HVAC companies in order to find the qualified contractor with the best prices. Feel free to use the convenient form on this page to get three written estimates from pre-screened local contractors who know they’re competing for the business. It is free, and there is no obligation for using the service.

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