• Carrier Performance Series Model 25HPA5 Heat Pump Price

    Carrier’s top line of heat pumps is the Infinity Series but right behind it in terms of efficiency and comfort features is the Performance Series and models like the Carrier Performance Series Model 25HPA5.  It offers an excellent blend of high efficiency and operational quality, and is a popular choice for homes in any climate.  We received an HVAC prices submission for Rex in Chattanooga, TN regarding this furnace.  We’ll share his Carrier Performance Series Model 25HPA5 Heat Pump Price report after we give you the details on this Carrier heat pump.  Here’s what the Carrier Performance 25HPA5 offers:

    • It is capable of up to 15.0 SEER when cooling and 8.5 HSPF when heating, an Energy Star product.
    • Scroll compressor offers higher efficiency and smoother, quieter operation.
    • Silencer System II offers better noise reduction, with operating decibels as low as 68db.
    • Puron refrigerant, also known as R-410A, will not harm the environment.
    • Compatible with the Carrier Infinity or Thermidistat control.
    • Can be installed as part of a hybrid system that also employs a gas furnace.
    • Filter dryer keeps the unit working efficiently.
    • WeatherArmor Ultra system protects components against harsh elements.
    • Steel louvers are tough and durable.
    • Galvanized steel cabinet is powder-coated for appearance and corrosion-resistance.
    • Sizes available from 1.5 tons / 18,000 Btu to 5.0 tons / 60,000 Btu’s.
    • 10-year limited warranty on all parts when installed properly and registered within 60 days.

    Here’s Rex’s letter:

    “Near the end of last winter our very old furnace conked out, needing a new blower motor and a few other minor things.  When I got the estimate I decided it was a lost cause.  Since my brother installed a Carrier heat pump and air handler a couple years ago he’s been raving about how great it is.  Funny how I didn’t really care to hear about it until I needed to find a new system, and then I was all ears.  He gave me the details again, and this time I actually paid attention.  After doing some research online and getting comfortable with Carrier’s level of quality, I had a Trane guy, a Lennox guy and the Carrier rep my brother dealt with come out and give me heat pump prices.   They sized up the house and did their calculations, then offered their bids.  Our house is on the cusp between needing a 3 ton unit or a 4 ton heat pump.  The Trane guy suggested the 3 ton set up while the others recommended having slightly too much than slightly too little.  The prices weren’t that much more so we signed the deal with the Carrier rep to get the Carrier Performance Series Model 25HPA5 heat pump.

    When the installer came out to do the job he brought along 2 other guys.  What I didn’t know was that he was training them – walking them through the process, letting them do work and then checking up on it.  I wasn’t thrilled to have my system be the guinea pig for a couple of rookies fresh out of HVAC school.  Plus, it took them a day and a half when I was expecting 6-7 hours.  The morning of the second day I called the owner and told him my concern.  He assured me the installer would check everything very well and when I still wasn’t thrilled with the arrangement he offered to come over himself, and I took him up on it.  He spent an hour checking every detail of the installation and tightened a fitting but that was about it.  I appreciated that level of customer service.  Two days later the local inspector gave the system a thorough check and approved it.  My concerns were unfounded because the unit has run great from day one and has really lowered our energy costs.  Now I sound like my brother, raving about the unit to anyone who will listen – including all of your readers!  Here’s the low-down on the price:

    Carrier Performance Series 25HPA5 4 ton / 48,000 Btu heat pump system: $3,545

    Installation: $3,420; Grand Total: $6,965

    I hope this helps others – I recommend this system highly.”

    For Ultimate “Performance” Use a Pro to Install it

    We are happy to recommend it too, Rex.  It’s a quality system with outstanding efficiency and, well, Performance.  The way to make the most of your investment is to hire a qualified contractor with proven skills in installing the type of unit you’re purchasing.  There are challenging hookups, soldering points and others installation issues that are beyond the skill and experience of homeowners with even outstanding DIY skills.  It makes great sense to go with a pro on this one and enjoy the safest, most reliable and highest efficiencies possible.

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