• Carrier Performance Series Model 24APA7 Central Air Conditioner Price

    Carrier makes many of the highest rated HVAC components in the industry like the Carrier Performance Series Model 24APA7 central air conditioner.  This unit delivers work-horse service in the hottest climates and offers excellent savings on energy costs – as much as 50% in many homes.  Reese in Melrose, Florida sent this Carrier Performance Series Model 24APA7 air conditioner price in response to our request for HVAC prices and we appreciate it. Here’s what he had to say:

    “We had a nasty storm go through here last month and a nearby lightning strike knocked out some of our electrical appliances including a more or less direct hit on the air conditioning unit outside.  The system inside the house seems to be okay, but the central air unit was toast.  Once the insurance adjuster completed his analysis he gave us the go-ahead to have a new A/C installed.  The Carrier Performance system is just 3 years old.  We discussed options with the contractor and decided to go with the Carrier Performance 24APA7 to take advantage of the tax credit and to boost the SEER so we can lower bills.

    The Carrier installers were here a few days ago and in a couple of hours they were done.  One of them looked about 12 though he said he was 19 and the other guy was straight out of the 60’s with pony tail and all.  But they seemed to know what they were doing.  They tested the entire system pretty comprehensively and found the furnace and inside equipment to be just fine.  So here were the costs:

    Carrier Performance Series Model 24APA7 4 ton central air conditioner: $2,630

    Installation: $1,100  Total: $3,730

    The insurance company picked up most of the tab and we boosted our cooling from 13 SEER to 18 SEER which should repay our out of pocket costs in less than 2 years.  That works for me!”

    Reese used an unfortunate circumstance to upgrade his system for less and ensure lower cooling bills going forward.  He’s got a high-quality A/C he’ll really enjoy.  Here’s what it offers:

    • Up to 18 SEER
    • Energy Star qualified.
    • 2-stage operation from the scroll compressor produces more balanced and efficient cooling.
    • Uses Puron/R-410A refrigerant which is environmentally responsible.
    • WeatherArmor Ultra protection system that keeps the internal components safe.
    • Strong, galvanized metal cabinet with louvered sides for protection and optimal air flow.
    • High-pressure and low-pressure switches protect the compressor when conditions are not optimal.
    • Multiple noise reduction features produce quiet operation as low as 71db.
    • Compatible with standard thermostat, the Carrier Infinity Control or the Carrier Thermidistat.
    • Sizes available from 2 to 5 ton cooling capacity.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all other functional parts.

    Maximize your Cooling with Professional Installation

    Installing a central air conditioner takes specialized know-how as well as a few tools that most of us don’t have.  Getting it done right is the key to getting the performance out of the unit that you expect.  When shopping for the lowest central air conditioner prices, be sure to find a qualified contractor who knows his business and has a good reputation. If you spend the extra money to get the high efficiency of the Carrier Performance Series Model 24APA7, you want to make sure you’re getting that 18 SEER so you can start paying yourself back through lower energy costs every month.

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