• Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Price

    In our ongoing efforts to bring you accurate HVAC prices, we are happy to share this post from Mike in Bowling Green, KY.  He took a minute to fill out our simple form on the Share a Price page and we are grateful.  Carrier can be a tough brand to get accurate pricing for online, but Mike gives us good detail.

    “Late this summer when the a/c quit we decided to replace our entire system.  We wanted an entire heating and cooling system designed to work together, and one that would save us some cash on the utility bills.  I chose the Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace because it improves (Boosts) the SEER performance of the A/C unit that is paired with it by 1.5 points.  Here’s the skinny on what we got:

    Carrier Performance Boost 90% Multipoise 60,000 BTUH Gas Furnace, model 58MEB060

    • 95% A.F.U.E., so it’s Energy Star qualified
    • Single stage blower motor
    • Two-stage gas valve for energy saving and balanced heating
    • Two-speed inducer for more efficient combustion and better performance
    • Hot surface ignition – no pilot light
    • SerpenTuff primary heat exchanger – I’ve heard nothing but good about them
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, 10-year limited warranty on parts

    Carrier Performance 15.5 SEER 3 ton unit A/C, model 24APA536

    Carrier Coil model CAPMP

    Carrier Thermidistat controller (we’ll add the humidifier later)

    Assorted PVC pipes and other materials (sorry I don’t have more detail on this stuff)

    Price for the equipment: $4,575 (the furnace was $1,900, the A/C was $1,950, coil was $475)

    Price for labor: $2,750

    Total: $7,325

    The installation process was thankfully uneventful.  No horror stories.  I got 3 bids and ended up taking the middle bid which was $275 higher than the lowest.  I just thought the guy had the best grasp on the units to be installed.  His crew showed up when they were supposed to, had the old furnace out in just over an hour, and by the end of the day the new unit was installed and functioning beautifully.  The owner arrived from another job after lunch and stayed until everything was up and running.  There were no hidden costs or other surprises, and I attribute that to the fact I only sought bids from reputable companies and used a qualified contractor to get it done.”

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