• Carrier Performance 95 Gas Furnace Price

    Some people shy away from high-efficiency gas furnaces like the Carrier Performance 95 Gas Furnace because they believe it will take them too long to make up the difference in cost in terms of utility bills savings.  First, that’s not always true.  In some climates it can be as little as 3-5 years.  Secondly, there are other reasons for choosing a high efficiency unit.  Alexis from Manassas, Virginia shares her story and her HVAC prices with us.

    “Last spring we bought a 1,400 s.f. home here in the historic section of town.  Thankfully it had long-ago been renovated to include duct work and other amenities.  The home was being heated by an old – almost historic I think! – gas furnace and cooled by 2 large window units.  The furnace had to go so we started shopping around for a high efficiency model.  It gets pretty cold here from December through February, so I want a high efficiency furnace to save on heating bills – I like to be warm!  Also, when we can afford it, we’ll add a high efficiency a/c unit and need a high efficiency furnace to make it work effectively.  It gets sweltering hot and horribly humid here from June through September and my guy likes it cool and comfortable.  He’s in short sleeves and shorts indoors in the winter and I’m in a sweatshirt all summer!  We compromise.  The other reason we choose high efficiency HVAC components is to go green and limit our use of fossil fuels where we can.  That’s a value we are willing to pay extra for.

    Long story short – two contractors recommended a high end Rheem and two suggested Carrier.  Our research on your site and other places led us to believe that Carrier equipment is tough to beat.  We got two very comparable bids and the one we chose was slightly cheaper and came from a contractor we had several personal references for, all excellent.  Here’s what we paid:

    Carrier Performance 95 gas furnace, 80,000 Btu, $3,229; installation, $2,900 with removal of old unit and quite a few extras that included venting, some duct work, and misc. parts.   Total: $6,129. It took 2 guys 2.5 days to complete the job.

    My brother back home in Little Rock thought we paid too much for both the unit and the install “by 15%”, but prices are higher in the D.C. area than there.  We compared notes with friends here and think we paid the going rate.”

    I’ll let Brian give you the specs.  He’s the engineer:

    Up to 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, qualifies as Energy Star and for the federal tax credits.

    Onboard diagnostics for solving issues quickly.

    Units available from 40K Btu to 100,000K Btu.

    Variable speed blower motor enhances performance and reduces noise.

    Stainless steel heat exchanger with lifetime limited warranty.

    10-year warranty on parts; Optional extended warranties available at fairly reasonable cost.

    Thanks Alexis and Brian for submitting your Carrier Performance 95 gas furnace price.  Prices do differ in various parts of the country, so you will have to get bids from local contractors before you know exactly what your HVAC prices will look like.  Those local contractors are also your best bet for high-quality installation and smooth, efficient performance.  The skill and expertise of a qualified contractor is an essential part of getting the greatest value from your system.

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