• Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace Price

    Another entry for our HVAC Prices database arrived today, this one regarding the Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace.  Melissa from Tacoma, Washington sent it via our easy-to-use Share a Price page.  We encourage you to add your experience to our growing list!

    Melissa reports:

    “Just had a new Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace installed in 1300 square foot ranch with a full finished basement.  My last furnace lasted 18 years and it was a Carrier so I didn’t look at any other brand. It’s an 88,000 Btu furnace which is larger than the last one, but my research confirmed it’s the right size for our needs.  We used to have a space heater in the family room downstairs but I don’t think we’ll need that anymore, so that might save us on utilities.  I went with this Carrier because of its high 93% efficiency and I really want to cut down on our heating bills.  The furnace is wonderful…getting it installed was a headache!

    I used Angie’s List to identify 2 contractors I wanted to get bids from.  They were both highly rated.  The bids I received were in the same ballpark: $2,100 for the furnace, $1,600 to install it. I picked one, signed a deal and waited for them to come on the appointed day.  I waited and waited.  When I finally called, the receptionist acted like I was crazy.  She rudely informed me I wasn’t in the schedule book and there’s NEVER a mistake with the schedule!  About an hour later the installer called and made up some excuse about the furnace being out of stock at the warehouse and he didn’t know until that day.  I was getting the run-around, basically.  When I asked him for a time frame he said he’d have to get back to me.  I didn’t hold my breath, but I did call the other contractor and he got back to me quickly.  I told him my story, he put me on hold, came back and said he could get the furnace and install it later in the week, which he did.  I’m having trouble getting my deposit back from the original contractor, however.  I do know one thing – his reputation ain’t so rosy on Angie’s List anymore!

    A few details of the furnace, besides the 93% efficiency, that I really like include the ComfortFan variable speed operation that seems to keep the house really balanced as far as heat.  There’s no cold spot anywhere.  I never notice rises and falls in the heat, either.  I set it for 70 and rarely notice it reading anything else, and according to the brochure that is the result of Comfort Heat technology that cuts heat fluctuations by 50%. Now if we could just do that with my menopausal mother in law!

    We spend a lot of time in the basement and the furnace is really quiet – they call it the QuieTech Noise Reduction system.  My hubby likes the lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 10-year parts warranty. Now that the Carrier Performance 93 is installed, and we found a qualified contractor we can rely on if any problems arise, the whole story has a happy ending.”

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